Collaboration of Danish secret service and criminals + Methods of work of secret service

  • June 16, 2015 6:22 PM


Hells Angels, the same as Muslim criminals called Blaagaards Gang (Loyal to the Family) are collaborating with secret service. They follow immigrants and attack them or simply give information to secret service. There is no line between criminals and Danish PET, obviously PET Nazis misuse their job to get money from drugs and give protection to criminals about police (cops are also working for PET). I was attacked, as other people too, by Blaagaards Gang and I am followed several years by Hells Angels, there are no PET spies when HA are around, it means they do spying job for Danish secret service (PET is short name for Danish secret service). Considering activists, they should be aware that organized criminals are right hand of secret service, in every country, in Copenhagen mentioned gang attack People House in Stengade 50, it was place for organizing protest in December 2009 (climate summit), they attack and people who come there, etc. It is the same if activists are attacked in the prison, it is ordered by secret service and done by guards and criminals. You should not trust to the people working for criminals, if they have drug dealers in place you visit, be aware they can sell you (or to your friend) dirty drugs and you can die or get some disease. Secret service use criminals against political activists, and criminals can use their dealers in some squat or place visited by activists.

Here is longer topic about Methods of work of secret service.

First thing I must say that everything about secret service (intelligence, secret agency, Danish PET, however you call it) is secret and cooperators of secret service misuse it to say: conspiracy theory, science fiction, etc. Only Snowden that worked for NSA could say something and spies could not say he speaks science fiction. So, even if you find just a piece of this text useful, it is good. By the way, cooperators are people who cooperate with PET and they get privileges and money but don’t get salary as PET agents who are employed as spies. For example, I saw one idiot dressed like autonomen in Sept.2009, 4 months before protests, I saw him he visited stroberiet with 2 girls (above blaagards bibliotek) and possibly he visited other places for activists. He had about 7-8 cooperators who give him reports what they know about people, in places where come immigrants. One German later told me he is working in some immigrant organization and I was thinking: why racists help to refugees? but then I remembered, they “help” them to be able spy them (to collect information about them). Where are immigrants, there are PET spies. I am illegal immigrant from 2007 in DK and I never contacted any refugee organization (I don’t trust them) and I didn’t ask gov for political asylum or anything. In the meantime they abolished visa for people from my country. Now I see I made good decision. The only problem is that I had to use racist red cross, they are the same shit as refugee org, churches/priests and other PET cooperators.

Second thing, even if you think all this is shit, you can learn more about methods of work of secret service if you read website of glenn greenwald and if you read cointelpro documents ( fbi war on black America). Some things don’t change: methods of their work, what FBI did before 50 years, they still do it today, and Danish secret service (PET) does the same. What they did against Martin Luther King, they do it today against anti-war activists, anarchists, and all other spectrum of activists, against Muslims too and in the last period they started war propaganda against Russians. You didn’t know that one of leader of Black Panthers had body guard who worked for FBI? Chief of security for Black Panthers too, but the point is that spies worked a lot to get trust of other people and all the time they worked for FBI, they can give to FBI and plan of your home, where you sleep, so, when police make raid, they know where to shoot ( Don’t be surprised if your girlfriend/boyfriend is working for secret service. But the point is that you don’t become paranoid. It is just an example, here is another one, PET and all secret services use women to spy ambassadors in their countries, they use women to have sex affairs with embassy personals and to get information or to blackmail them to give information. Therefore, people who get a job in embassies must pass course about security because they are target of secret service and they can be involved in dirty games.
Glenn Greenwald website:
So, if you just read first link, this forum post is useful.

Third thing, very important thing: anarchists should separate critics from propaganda, in that way, we don’t put finger on somebody who criticize us to say, “he is working for secret service”. Anarchists must stay open for critics, but they should recognize propaganda made by spies to destroy our groups and to isolate militants. If I criticize anarchists, it is OK, I can have my opinion, even if I think that somebody (or a group) is shit, it is my autonomy to have my opinion about that person or group. But if I behave like obsessed with some person/group, I speak against him/her/them all the time, million times everywhere, you should activate alarm in your head and be careful about me, maybe I work for secret service and I have a job to make bad picture about them. That’s what German secret service did in the time of Red Army Fraction, they activated their spies to speak against them, to isolate them, to destroy support of people for them. They do it today against Muslims, they make forum posts, website/news comments, YouTube channels, they make propaganda against Muslims in million places. All of that is done by spies, and as you can see, all spies are racists. Spies create consent of society for war for oil (imperialism), they produce hate for victims of war (Muslims in Iraq and other countries, Iranians, Russians or Venezuelans in the future), they make them monsters in the eyes of west Europeans, they produce fear about them (to get more informants among ordinary people who will even report Muslim for standing on the corner), and beside all of that, they infiltrate their groups in the west. Spies also corrupt Muslims, among others, they give privileges to Muslim criminals like Blaagaards Gang that got the job from PET to attack Folkethuset (stengade 50) because it was place for coordination of protest in Dec.2009. So, folkethuset has problems with criminals, but behind criminals is secret service (PET). PET makes revenge and they destroy place that served as meeting point of resistance. They attack people who come there and they will try to shut down that place, I didn’t follow how much they succeeded, but I read sometimes news about attacked people and I think house was closed one period. That’s work of secret service. Infiltration of criminals in Christiania is also work of secret service, to make them bad in eyes of society, and to attack them with police. The aim is to send cops to overtake Christiania (property in the center of the city) and to sell it to the rich people. So, behind criminals is secret service and behind PET are politicians who want money and business possibilities for riches (rich people finance political parties). Conspiracy theory without proof? There is no proof about PET, they don’t document illegal things they do, they don’t write: Today we met leaders of some gang and made deal with them to use their members to attack political activists who come to Stengade 50, and we will protect leaders of gang from police or we will take care that judge give them 50% smaller punishment that they would usually get. Don’t be surprised when you read news: criminals got sentence less than 2 years of prison for shooting people, while an anarchist get 7 years for trying to burn property (police academy). It is everything work of PET, in this example, influence of PET on judicial system (judges and prosecutors).

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When I am at criminals, just to mention: for anarchists, illegal or legal capital, it is the same shit, hells angels or Rockefeller family, there is no difference, they accumulate capital and they exploit people. Who is more brutal? Well, criminals have blood on their hands while Rockefeller pay politicians to use soldiers and cops to have blood on their hands. The only difference is that riches don’t do anything personally than they pay others. And you can be sure, if you buy gun from hells angels and you are an anarchist, they will inform secret service, what PET tells them to do, they will do, they can refuse to sell you gun or they can sell you (to take your money) and after that “suddenly” police will arrest you. Therefore security culture should include: speak to your friends, but not to your neighbors and to all people that you are an anarchist. You don’t need to dress yourself and to show to all people who you are, you can do it, but in that way you make easier job for PET, or you can do it if you don’t plan to do anything against the law, you can print books or help about organizing protests if you don’t want to burn something. If you buy a gun, do it in other country, south Europe is in any case cheaper (in Italy gun cost 600 Eur, in Croatia 400 Eur, in Bosnia/Serbia/Kosovo 100-200 Eur). Even if you buy a gun in Serbia, never say to criminals the truth, all of them that have many guns and are professional dealers of weapons are working for civilian or military secret service, if you must buy from them, tell them you just like to have a gun or you want to sell it in the EU or eventually to make some robbery. The best option is to connect with Swedish antiwar activists who broke military objects to destroy weapons, they know where are military depots and you can break one and steal what you need. When they made action, security arrested them after 10 minutes, they didn’t want to escape than they destroyed how much they can, they got just 4 months prison sentence. It was before many years, but Swedish must know where are depots in the nature. After you break and activate alarm, you don’t need more than 2 minutes to steal what you want. If admin of forum find this part about guns problematic, he/she can delete this part, but not everything. I think I should choose by myself how much I risk in my life and there is no reason for censorship with excuse of security culture.

But here are some other things, if you want to read more…

Activists mix police and secret service (PET), although they work together, they have different priorities. My opinion is that police infiltrate revolutionary groups in the time of protest (outside of that they try to catch typical criminals) but PET infiltrate and spy revolutionaries all the time (many years without stopping). Job of cops is to arrest people and eventually to beat them, to scare them from being revolutionary, while job of secret service is much more sophisticated, they play dirty games, their job is to divide, scare, make paranoia, separate people, produce conflicts (, neutralize militant individuals (they call them extremists), to isolate militants (for example to activate their leftist spies to make propaganda against RAF (red army fraction) or (anarchist) angry brigades in Britain. I believe from all dirty games PET plays, the most important is to neutralize and isolate militants(

Neutralization can be done by making paranoia at other people about militant individual/s, in that way he/she/they cannot do anything together with other people; and isolation is little more than that, isolated people cannot do something with others against gov, but beside it, when they are isolated they will also be easier for arrest (without help from other people, militants get arrested much easier by cops). One positive example for us is Greek anarchist bank robber Paleokostas ( … index.html), he shares money from robberies with local people and he grew up there, they know him long time, cops and secret service cannot arrest him because he has wide support from local people, not only from anarchists then from villagers, priests, everybody supports him and they can’t catch him.

Here are below some things I wrote before 2-3 years, my opinion is shortly:
security in capitalism is business, western secret services are not fighting terrorism than immigration. In the West, they follow you on the basis of nationality, color of skin and religion. Even if somebody kills people, PET get more money from budget, they don’t lose job, they profit. They make paranoia and create fears about immigrants in order to spread racism and justify repression (imprisoning and deportation) against immigrants. In the case of Muslims, they misuse arrest to make war propaganda against them, one time PET kept Muslims in custody 2 years and then they were let free, but arrest was misused to republish caricatures and to make fear about Muslims, to justify war against them. Important thins to mention is also: PET use Africans to spy Africans, Serbs to spy Serbian community, Romanians to spy Romanians, etc. It is so mostly because of language barrier and people trust each other when they are from the same country. When I came to Switzerland before 15 years, I met one man and in 5 minutes I got information who is criminal and later he even met me with some robber. That’s example how much it is easy for immigrant to infiltrate immigrant community. Therefore, many immigrants get arrested. Besides PET immigrant spies, PET misuse police against immigrant criminals, they don’t do it in the case of Danish criminals (gold members of HA are working for PET and PET will never do anything against them as they will do everything to arrest Romanian criminals). PET is true racist department and they believe they do good thing when they clean country from immigrants, but it is the fact they don’t do it in the case of Danish criminals because they are political police and domestic criminals cooperate with them on the basis of that.

Secret service serves government in creating consent in population for politics of the gov, so, gov doesn’t face with protest at home because of war for oil or because or repression against immigrants, etc. Therefore, they are political police and not security police. Therefore, PET needs journalists and editors in medias who will work for them (, rich owners of media will also always cooperate with PET. They also need cops and prosecutors and judges who will work for them, so, they can make political court process against immigrants/Muslims/anarchists, they can arrest you for any stupid thing to prosecute you but real reason is ethnic cleaning of the country (in the case of immigrants). Danish medias published information that now 1000 of prisoners are immigrants (I think there are 4000 prisoners). Danish secret service (PET) spy poor Romanians, Bulgarians and others, with aim to imprison and deport them, they serve government policy: rich immigrants are welcomed, poor are not welcomed; at that point is visible connection between capitalism and fascism, as long as there is capitalism, there will be fascism.

And think twice why they killed Martin Luther King but not Chomsky? Martin was African and racists believe it is not allowed for Africans to demand anything, and Martin had influence on crowd of poor angry people, while white Jewish Ph.D. Chomsky has influence on academics, high educated people who have 10 000 bucks salary per month and they don’t care to take the risk, to put their ass in the fire, to shoot cops as poor angry people would do.
It is the same when some Serbian or Albanian or African come to Denmark and they mix themselves with Danish revolutionaries, PET will make shit for such immigrants, much more than they will make it for domestic revolutionaries. They can’t imagine somebody came to care about politics instead to kiss in ass government and ask around for a job. They are racists and toadies and they expect from immigrants to be the same.

So, PET is fighting immigration and not terrorism, they don’t follow immigrants about putting bomb in metro than about stealing, burglaries and similar. Shortly, they give money to Romanian to work for them and snitch other Romanians, after they get information what people do (burglaries for example), they follow them and call police patrol to come when they see they broke some house. Domestic criminals do much bigger things than burglaries, and secret service don’t follow them and don’t call police to arrest them. They are true fascists and they are really misusing secret service to arrest more and more immigrants and to deport them. It is true ethnic cleaning, always with story, “we do nice things, we clean country from criminals”, yes, fascists always represent themselves like good people who fight against bad people. They just forget to say: but we like our criminals, it is about foreign criminals, so, it is ethnic cleaning. Really, domestic criminals like Hells Angels have no problem if their girlfriends work for secret service, they have sex with spies and they know Danish secret service will not touch them, “they just make business, they are not interested for politics”, but the same can be said for Romanian or African criminal, they don’t care for politics but politics “care” for them because of their nationality, color of skin, etc. It is like in Germany in the time of Hitler, fascists hunted Slavic, homosexuals, Jewish and others, and they had beliefs that they do good thing and not bad thing, Germans who were good, they stayed passive and fascists did what they wanted. They eliminated also mentally sick people because they believed in the strong race and “all weak people should be eliminated like some kinds of garbage”. You can meet and fascists from your country (as I met idiot from my country) who say that homeless or other people are genetically bad and garbage and they should be eliminated, such people are liked by Danish secret service, they are the same. But such idiots come from rich families and they are connected with secret service in Serbia and they speak always against poor people. Their patriotism is: I kiss in ass secret service and gov, to profit for myself. Their patriotism is not: majority of Serbs are poor, let’s help some people to get normal life. They don’t care for people, they pretend they are patriots because they want privileges which secret service can give them (to do something criminal and to stay free). That’s how rich kids become brave, they make shit and never finish in the prison, so, they make more and more shit, they saw that they are privileged. In this moment, medias in Serbia write about leaders of football hooligans, they are arrested million times by cops but never sentenced by the judge. It means they don’t know to do job professionally, but they have connections with secret service and judges and they can’t be sent in the prison. Now after media stories, politicians started to speak they will be arrested. The most comic thing is, before several days, one man from football club Red Star got position to be chef of secret service. Result will be: Red Star hooligans will kill others without problem and they will become “the strongest”. Without help from secret service, many would be arrested and imprisoned because they are amateurs who have privileges and because of privileges they got balls to do something in their life. Let’s mention and department for propaganda.

Every secret service has department for propaganda, beside disinformation through medias, they have their people in many groups (in average, every 4th person in society work for secret service) and they use them to make bad picture about somebody who is not good for secret service, who is marked as “extremist”. For example, if they want to stop that somebody gets job from criminals or if they want to kill some criminal, they will use their people among criminals to make bad picture about this person who is their target. So, first they make propaganda and after that, they make repression or killing or whatever else. What bad picture means? Everything that criminals dislike (no courage to do something, snitch, pedophile, etc), in the case of Muslims, everything that Muslims dislike (he is not believer, unbelievers should stay without head, blabla, snitch take a role of the most radical Muslim, his aim is to get trust and he tries to convince others to give up from you, if he succeed he will get something from secret service, money or whatever else). In the case of anarchist, spy will make paranoia about new person coming to anarchist meetings, to separate new person from others, if it is even militant person, spy will get a job to isolate him from others. It means to spread paranoia, to spread rumors, to make him bad about 100 things. To separate “I dislike somebody” or “I criticize somebody” from “I am spy”, again we come to the beginning of this text: I have right to dislike or criticize, but if I am obsessed with somebody and I make constantly propaganda against him, possibly I am a spy.

In the case of anarchists,
1) first mistake they could make is: if he is a spy, he will meet cops, let’s follow him. It is bullshit, I could be a spy and make report to cops with email, I don’t need to see cops face to face. Following people around is stupid, it just helps to secret service to keep people separated, afraid each from others, in that way, anarchist groups stay small and without big support in (influence on) society.

2) second mistake: who gives the right to individuals to follow people around? Who guarantees that those people are not working for secret service? I say secret service, I don’t say any activist is working for police, police spy us only in the time of protest, secret service spies us all the time. So, some decision makers were one week in custody or they have one month prison sentence, that’s guarantee they are not working for secret service? That’s bullshit. There are criminals who sit in the prison 2 years and they work for secret service, just instead to get 5 years, they get 2 years of prison and therefore they work for secret service. If some anarchist was imprisoned, it can be guarantee that he is not working for police, but not guarantee that he is not working for secret service. And, what to say about dirty games, secret service can even provide their spy with fake ID, not only with fake custody. I can be “arrested” and drink beer with cops without to see a cell or I can even sit in a cell several days just to get reputation and trust of people. I don’t have solution for this problem, people must decide who is to be trusted, but they should be careful that trusted people are not working for secret service. If secret service controls our security culture, it is disaster.

One big criminal in my country said about police snitches: there is no rule who will become snitch (many criminals play a role of strong personality); and he said also: there is not even one criminal in Belgrade who is not working for secret service. I would add: even if somebody is not snitch today, maybe he will become snitch after 5 years, and I have a friend who maybe betrayed another man (that man believed so) but he never said to the police anything about me. There is no rule, anarchists must accept the risk and minimize the risk with simple security culture: participate in peaceful protest with anybody, but make actions against the law only with long time friends. Don’t even speak to anarchists or to your neighbors that you support militant actions, why they would know that when they will not do it with you in any case? Make such proposal for such actions only to your friends, it is the same advice I gave to criminal from Serbia: bring your friends from Serbia if you want to rob something, and never even contact Serbian who are living in Denmark, if they know, PET will know and they are crazy about immigrants, they will set you up police. Trust only to your friends from Serbia.

Anarchists should also be aware how much internet is spied, if you visit anarchist insurrectionists websites, you will be spied, administrators of such websites are spied too. They can say they don’t care but when they sit 10 years in the prison, they will say they made mistake. If you plan to amke any action against the law, don’t visit any websites, travel to Greece and met them face to face, if you want to exchange experience and meet people to connect with them. And surely don’t bring phone with you when you go to make any action, even if it is offline, they could implement tracker device in your phone, laptop, when you didn’t see it.

Considering that secret service helps to the government to produce totalitarian capitalism, they try to make bigger and bigger control of society and bigger and bigger repression. Therefore they can spy you and make paranoia about you even if you don’t do anything. Secret service is producing private problems for militant people, even your neighbor will make shit for you for small things if he is working for secret service. So, let’s say, you speak or fight against government or their colonial corporate wars, in theory, secret service should follow you only if you want to use bomb in metro or to kill politicians, they should not make any private problem in your life. But it is theory, in reality, they will follow you because you are (just verbal) opponent to the gov, they will produce problems for you at school, job or anywhere else. Technically, secret service will follow you, they will see with whom you are friend and what you do in your life, they will turn people against you to isolate you, to make your influence on other people smaller and without help from other people it is easier for them to arrest you when “time comes for that”, you will not have place to hide yourself. They will also send their spies to befriend with you, not only one than more of them, they will try to set you up girlfriend/boyfriend, and they will try to be with you 24 hours per day. Friends during the day and girl/boy during the night, they spy you 100% of your time and they use just 2 people, without this two people, they would need to use 30-50 people per day to spy you around the city (and there are 100 of people like you in CPH whom they would like to spy). Of course, they will use and electronic surveillance, so, your phone, internet and the rest will help them to spy you. Therefore, don’t use phone, etc. You can recognize spy very simple, they try to befriend with you at any price, like that their life depend from that, they are always there where you come, etc. The aim is to know your habits and your way of thinking and to inform secret service if you plan to protest or to use any violent method against government.
Your girlfriend/boyfriend snitch will support you verbally, to get your trust, but he/she will forward information to secret service that gives him/her some privileges (give him/her exams/degree, good job place or whatever else, immigrant spies get CPR number or permission to stay in DK). Secret service use women also to snitch criminals, but as I said, they don’t touch domestic criminals, only those who have different nationality and color of skin. They use also women to spy ambassadors. And, don’t forget: cooperators/collaborators inform secret service, they don’t follow you around, it is job of agents of secret service,.. If you have many friends and you spoke to them that you would like to attack gov, you will never know who betrayed you because cooperators don’t follow you, they just inform PET and then PET agents follow you 1-2-3 years, until they catch you for something. Job of cooperators is to befriend and betray but not to follow you around, therefore it is hard to discover them, except if somebody has just one friend in his life, then he knows who betrayed him.

Small advice how to see that you are spied by 30-50 people every day: they repeat the same behavior many times. You must see if strange thing happen around you, many times happen the same thing, it means they follow you. You can’t be alone even if you are in the park 3 o’clock in the night when it is raining. But repeating of the same behavior is the main thing, you can see every 500m somebody is sitting in car and using phone, they also use trick with waiting bus and watching phone and it can be done also by people who are not spies, but spies will hate you, you can see that. They can’t hide in their eyes they are somewhere because of you, they are not soooo much professional, they got a job to spy just because they kiss in ass government, they are usually from spying family, their parents worked for PET and therefore they get job of cooperator or agent, but they are not really professional.
Another advice to recognize snitch: secret service always make propaganda before they arrest us, that’s how they work, if somebody turn people against somebody who later get arrested, it is arranged by secret service. it is their method of work.

There are many examples of connection between European fascists groups and secret services. Fascists have no other reason to live in this world than to make shit for people who have different nationality. They are lunatics and they don’t have what else to do. Norway fascists spied immigrants while Breivik planned how to kill 70 people. German fascist secret service financed national socialist underground, group that killed 12 immigrants in last 10 years. Danish fascist secret service charged leftists (Redox) who published information about secret fascist group, it is clear that nobody makes something secret to watch movies than to shoot people/immigrants.

They will do everything to disturb you to get job, in the case you are an immigrant, they hope you will go out from the country, etc. racists cannot imagine immigrants came to demand something instead to kiss in ass government and look for job. I was in Germany 8 months in 2013, Germans got advices from Danish fascists how to make shit for me, so, German spies produced conflicts between me and other people and they drove car on me when I ride a bike, several times per day, Danish did the same, so, Danish gave them advice to do it. There is no big science about it, they are lunatics and they produce hate between domestic people and immigrants and they profit if anyone kills people around to make revenge because of secret service. After crazy Breivik killed people, secret service surely got more money from budget and nobody in secret service lost job. Even if immigrants don’t do anything, they produce fear and demand more money from budget. In the end, everything is about money. That’s capitalism and security in capitalism, it is about business and profit, if there are no terrorists, they will imagine some of them, they can say you are terrorist even if you make peaceful protest against corporations, so, they get more money in their pockets.

That is their next level in building totalitarianism, they made already “preventive arrests” in Copenhagen at anti climate summit protest in Dec.2009. After 2 years activists won court process, but government don’t care, for them was important to destroy protest, what will say some judge after 2 years, they don’t give a shit. Politicians and cops will not pay for damage from their pockets. But preventive arrests are based on work of secret service and their spies. Preventive arrest is presumption that people will do something against the law, even they didn’t do anything. It is clear martial law, dictatorship and abolishing right to express opinion (at other side fascists parties even demand freedom of speech, i.e. hate against immigrants). Danish PET and Swedish SAPO even prevented Swedish students to come to university in Copenhagen because they believe they come to protest although protest is just showing publicly your opinion. When they forbid you to say your opinion, it is dictatorship, it doesn’t matter if they misuse some believes that you will do something criminal. In any case, welcome to totalitarianism, that’s more concrete term than dictatorship, but more important is that you open your eyes and organize with others and fight against repression. My choice is to stay separated from paranoid people who don’t use guns and explosive, but they are scared of everybody. PET (secret service) targets different people in different time, one day Muslim, another day immigrants, another day domestic people who protest … They work against society, to keep their position of privileges and money, politicians, prosecutors, judges, cops, secret service and their snitches even between criminals, all of them like privileges and money and they are organized against society.

So, if you are followed by fascist secret service, logically, first you must escape from secret service and after that, you must find job without to be registered, so, you can make a living without to be inside the system or you can be “criminal” that rob banks or something else, but not together with organized criminals like Hells Angels and similar, you can do it alone or with your friends. If you just move to the other country, but you get registered job, they will find you, bank must report tax to your domestic country. Even if you just make bank account, bank will inform your home country (tax office) about it and they will find you. How to escape from PET, you must get some idea, I suppose you must change all clothes and forget your electronic devices, then use some motorcycle to escape in the nature and travel with bus without cameras to the other country. If you don’t trust to anyone with motorcycle, you must buy GPS/GSM jammer, to block signal if you escape with your own motorcycle, they can install some device. In the nature you can change vehicle, you can travel with some friend from other country in his car. But again all communication must be from mouth to mouth, without any phone or internet.

I would use this chance also to recommend you to read critics of civil anarchism:

Believe it or not, this is the end of this text 🙂

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