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Italy: 30 searches and 5 arrests for the attacks of Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI)

  • September 16, 2016 8:26 PM

Unfortunately, there are bad news, dogs of billionaires, the cops, spies, prosecutors, are continuing to create totalitarian system: mass surveillance and repression. We must express solidarity and spread the news that will produce anger and actions against the state and riches.

Italy: 30 searches and 5 arrests for the attacks of Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI)

The fund-raise for the comrades in prison is active.
To send solidarity contribution:
N° Carta PostePay (PostePay Card number): 4023 6009 1934 2891
Account name: Omar Nioi



Regarding the addresses, at the moment we know that the comrades are in the following prisons:
Below are their mailing addresses (that may change at any time):

Marco Bisesti
Alessandro Mercogliano
C.R. Rebibbia, Via Raffaele Majetti 70, 00156 Roma, Italia

Anna Beniamino
C.C. Via Aurelia nord km 79,500 n. snc 00053 Civitavecchia, Italia

Emiliano Danilo Cremonese
C.C. Via San Donato 2, 65129 Pescara, Italia

Valentina Speziale
C.C. Via Ettore Ianni 30, 66100 Chieti, Italia

Nicola and Alfredo are held in the AS2 wing of Ferrara prison:

Nicola Gai
Alfredo Cospito

C.C. Via dell’Arginone 327, 44122 Ferrara, Italia

Daniele, an editor of Croce Nera Anarchica, was captured that same day in the context of another arrest proceeding, after police found some batteries and an electrician’s manual in his apartment. He is likely to face charges of “possession of materials for the manufacture of explosive devices”.

The comrade can be contacted at:
Daniele Cortelli
C.C. Regina Coeli, Via della Lungara 29, 00165 Roma, Italia

Omar Nioi-CNA

croceneranarchica + contrainfo

(translated by


In the early hours of September 6, an operation coordinated by the Digos [political police] of Turin led the searches of 30 homes in various Italian regions and the arrest of five anarchist comrades accused of subversive association with terrorist intent: Anna, Marco, Sandrone, Danilo and Valentina; in addition, a notification in prison for Nicola and Alfredo.

The operation, called “Scripta Manent” tries to connect them with a series of direct actions claimed by the Informal Anarchist Federation, that are done in the last 10 years.

The parcel-bombs sent to the CPT’s [detention centres for immigrants] director in Modena in May 2005,
to the traffic-cops barracks in Torino-San Salvario and to the chief-police of Lecce (claimed by FAI/Narodnaja Volja),
the explosive device against the RIS barracks [carabinieri forensics] in Parma (October 24, 2005, claimed by FAI/Cooperativa Artigiana Fuoco e Affini-occasionalmente spettacolare),
the parcel-bomb sent to the Mayor of Bologna Sergio Cofferati (November 2, 2005, claimed by FAI/Cooperativa Artigiana Fuoco e Affini-occasionalmente spettacolare),
the devices against the carabinieri cadets’ barracks in Fossano (June 2, 2006, claimed by FAI/RAT-Rivolta Anonima e Tremenda),
the devices placed in the Turin neighborhood, Crocetta (March 7, 2007, claimed by FAI/RAT);
among the other actions also the wounding of Adinolfi (May 7, 2012), despite the fact that two comrades have already been convicted and have publicly claimed this attack.


The servants of riches, the cops, spies and prosecutors, used even linguistic and graphology experts (to compare present website/magazine writings with the statements given before 10 years for some attacks), in addition to electronic and computer surveillance, and tailing (mainstream media in Italy published police video surveillance of Anna Beniamino, the spies placed bugs in her home in Bordighera in July 2015 and spied her and her friends one year).

This repression is created to scare spectrum of people and to keep rebels behind the bars, with this or that charges, most will drop or they will set up a judge that kiss in the ass morons from the secret service. They din’t catch them in action, they charge them for something that happened before 10 years, it means they will drop charges or they will set up a judge that sell his ass for money.
Spies and cops arrested them also to demand more money from the state budget “to fight extremism” and make themsleves rich, we should always remember that security is business in capitalism.
They misuse this arrest also to make fear in society with the help of mainstream media, to justify mass surveillance, repression i.e. building of totalitarian capitalism.
They arrested them and to beat them, to scare them, to push them to confess, they can use prisoners (organized criminals) against them, etc. I hope they will survive this repression and be free soon.

Italian anarchist black cross (croce nera anarchica) is stil alive at:
You can use Tor or some VPN and read the news or translate it from Italian to English with some online translator.

Danish spies that protect Danish Prime Minister, recorded

  • September 3, 2016 4:30 PM

Screenshots of all spies:

Here are addresses of many Danish politicians, Helle Thorning-Schmidt was the Prime Minister but she got the job in London, possibly her family is maybe still on the mentioned address. Søren Pind is the present Minister of Justice, obssessed with immigrants, he also supports secret service to do activities against immigrants, etc. Billionaires also use secret service to corrupt leftists, to control leftist and communist parties and members (Enhedslisten), corrupted leftists include militant leftist in the system and provide them very good paid job and they sell themselves for money. Capitalism absorbed hippies and punk, capitalists absorb/include revolutionary leftists in the system, they give them position in the parliament and 7 000 Eur salary.

By the way, present Prime Minister is Lars Lokke Rasmussen: Heibergsgade 18, 3th floor, 1056 København K.
NGO: Løkke Fonden, Bredgade 30, 1260 København K

The former Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen was also the head of NATO, possibly Maersk helped him to get such position, to realize their interests and to profit from the war. Since 2014, Rasmussen has his own company for consulting and the CIA helps him to travel to different universities all over Europe and get money for speeches. His twitter and facebook accounts can give you information where he makes speeches. The address of his company Rasmussen Global in Copenhagen: Christian IX’s Gade 7, 4th floor, 1111 Copenhagen (
His high school is from Viborg city, and his father is Knud, there is knud Rasmussen in the phone book: Bellisvej 14, 1st floor on the left, 8800 Viborg
His wife Anne-Mette Rasmussen started to study theology at the University of Copenhagen (Købmagergade 44-46).

Danish billionaires that are the government in the shadow:
Ane Maersk Mc Kinney Uggla is the owner of Maersk company, and her son Robert will inherit company, their private address is Toldbodgade 36A, 4 (floor), th (th means on the right), 1253 Copenhagen K.
From September 2016, Robert is the second person in Maersk after his mother Ane that is Number 1. Robert has now a new working address as explained in the video (at the maersk foundation, Amaliegade 33B, 1256 København).


Valgte kandidater for Hovedstaden (Elected candidates for Capital)

A. Socialdemokratiet
1 Helle Thorning-Schmidt, statsminister (the former PM, she got a job in London)
Kuhlausgade 40, 2100 København Ø
2 Peter Hummelgaard Thomsen, konsulent
Oehlenschlægersgade 8 A,3 tv., 1663 København V
3 Yildiz Akdogan, cand.scient.pol.
Ørholmgade 7,4. tv, 2200 København N
4 Mette Reissmann, konsulent
Østerled 3,1. th, 2100 København Ø
B. Radikale Venstre
1 Ida Auken, fhv. minister
Folkets Alle 21,st, 2000 Frederiksberg
F. SF – Socialistisk Folkeparti
1 Pia Olsen Dyhr, fhv. minister
Svenstrupvej 5, 2700 Brønshøj
I. Liberal Alliance
1 Simon Emil Ammitzbøll, gruppeformand
Masnedøgade 6 E,2.,-22, 2100 København Ø
2 Laura Lindahl, rådmand
Henrik Ibsens Vej 42,4. th, 1813 Frederiksberg C
O. Dansk Folkeparti
1 Peter Skaarup, sekretariatschef
2 Martin Henriksen, chauffør (always talking against immigrants)
Mågevænget 44, 2791 Dragør
V. Venstre, Danmarks Liberale Parti
1 Søren Pind, fhv. minister (the present minister of justice, always talking about and against immigrants)
Lundehusvej 13, 2100 København Ø
2 Jan E. Jørgensen, advokat
C.F. Richs Vej 60, 2000 Frederiksberg
Ø. Enhedslisten – De Rød-Grønne
1 Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen, studerende (leftist working for the secret service)
Blågårdsgade 29 E,4. th, 2200 København N
2 Finn Sørensen, arbejdsmand
Amager Boulevard 125,3. th, 2300 København S
3 Pelle Dragsted, politisk rådgiver (former supporter of FARC, absorbed by capitalism)
Amicisvej 17, 1852 Frederiksberg C
Å. Alternativet
1 Uffe Elbæk, fhv. minister
Alhambravej 22,2. tv, 1826 Frederiksberg C
2 Carolina Magdalene Maier, centerleder
c/o Hvf. Lindevang Hus. 32, Peter Bangs Vej 220, 2000 Frederiksberg
Udvalget til Prøvelse af Valgene 2014-15 (2. samling)
UPV Alm.del Bilag 32

Københavns Omegns Storkreds
A. Socialdemokratiet
1 Mette Frederiksen, justitsminister
Egebjerg Bygade 79, 2750 Ballerup
2 Mattias Tesfaye, murersvend
Øresundsvej 142 D,st th, 2300 København S
3 Mogens Lykketoft, fhv. minister
Trepilevej 1 B, 2930 Klampenborg
4 Morten Bødskov, fhv. minister (former minister of justice)
Egilsgade 17,5. tv, 2300 København S
B. Radikale Venstre
1 Sofie Carsten Nielsen, forskningsminister
Ravnsborg Tværgade 6,2., 2200 København N
C. Det Konservative Folkeparti
1 Rasmus Jarlov, selvstændig
Rødkildevej 50, 2400 København NV
F. SF – Socialistisk Folkeparti
1 Holger K. Nielsen, fhv. minister
Christen Bergs Allé 20, 2500 Valby
I. Liberal Alliance
1 Joachim B. Olsen, selvstændig
Kong Hans Alle 98, 2860 Søborg
O. Dansk Folkeparti
1 Pia Kjærsgaard, fhv. partiformand (former leader of the danish people party, hard core racists)
Kærmindevej 31, 2820 Gentofte
2 Mikkel Dencker, serviceassistent
3 Kenneth Kristensen Berth, specialkonsulent
Nørrebred 3, 2625 Vallensbæk
V. Venstre, Danmarks Liberale Parti
1 Karen Ellemann, fhv. minister
Skovvej 16, 2930 Klampenborg
2 Morten Løkkegaard, selvstændig
Lille Fredensvej 7,1., 2920 Charlottenlund
Ø. Enhedslisten – De Rød-Grønne
1 Søren Søndergaard, arbejdsløs (leftist working for the secret service, he had 8000 eur salaru in the EU parliament, now he has 7000 eur in the Danish parliament, he gets only 3000 votes)
Vadgårdsvej 133, 2860 Søborg
Å. Alternativet
1 Ulla Sandbæk, pastor emeritus
Ellegårdsvej 25,st tv, 2820 Gentofte

Nordsjællands Storkreds
A. Socialdemokratiet
1 Nick Hækkerup, sundhedsminister
Skrænten 7, Gadevang, 3400 Hillerød
2 Christine Antorini, undervisningsminister
Nørrebrogade 38,4. tv, 2200 København N
3 Pernille Schnoor, gymnasielærer
Ørbæksvej 17 A, 2970 Hørsholm
B. Radikale Venstre
1 Martin Lidegaard, udenrigsminister
C. Det Konservative Folkeparti
1 Mette Abildgaard, pr- og kommunikationsmedarbejder
Markmandsgade 21,5. th, 2300 København S
F. SF – Socialistisk Folkeparti
1 Trine Torp, psykolog
Vinderød Skov 71, 3300 Frederiksværk
I. Liberal Alliance
1 Anders Samuelsen, partileder
Solbakkevej 1, 8700 Horsens
2 May-Britt Buch-Kattrup, selvstændig
Donse Avlsgård, Donsevej 16, Gunderød, 2970 Hørsholm
O. Dansk Folkeparti
1 Marlene Harpsøe, kontorassistent
2 Pia Adelsteen, selvstændig
Hou Skovvej 7, 9550 Mariager
3 Jan Erik Messmann, kaptajn
Eventyrhaven 7, 3460 Birkerød
V. Venstre, Danmarks Liberale Parti
1 Sophie Løhde, ha.kom.
Fredericiagade 14 A,3., 1310 København K
2 Claus Hjort Frederiksen, fhv. minister
Gl Strandvej 40, 3050 Humlebæk
3 Hans Andersen, cand.merc.aud.
Fyrrebakken 24, 3600 Frederikssund
Ø. Enhedslisten – De Rød-Grønne
1 Maria Reumert Gjerding, miljøpolitisk medarbejder
Å. Alternativet
1 Christian Poll, miljøpolitisk rådgiver
Sjælsøvej 52, 3460 Birkerød
Bornholms Storkreds
A. Socialdemokratiet
1 Lea Wermelin, ac-medarbejder
Blågårds Plads 25,3. tv, 2200 København N
V. Venstre, Danmarks Liberale Parti
1 Peter Juel Jensen, skolelærer
Ndr Ellebygård, Ellebyvej 11, Vestermarie, 3700 Rønne
Valgte kandidater for Sjælland-Syddanmark
Sjællands Storkreds
A. Socialdemokratiet
1 Magnus Heunicke, transportminister
Rolighedsvej 95, 4700 Næstved
2 Astrid Krag, fhv. minister
Carlsgade 8,st, 2300 København S
3 Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil, ledelseskonsulent
Falkoner Alle 80,5. tv, 2000 Frederiksberg
4 Henrik Sass Larsen, erhvervsminister
Ved Stranden 20,4., 1061 København K
5 Rasmus Horn Langhoff, historiker
Lemberggade 2,2. tv, 2300 København S
6 Lennart Damsbo-Andersen, tømrer
Enghavevej 35, 4892 Kettinge
7 Kaare Dybvad, projektchef
Mikkel Vibes Gade 2,3. th, 1417 København K
8 Mette Gjerskov, fhv. minister
Frederiksborgvej 572, Gundsømagle, 4000 Roskilde
B. Radikale Venstre
1 Zenia Stampe, fuldmægtig
C. Det Konservative Folkeparti
1 Brian Mikkelsen, fhv. minister
Høyrups Alle 37, 2900 Hellerup
F. SF – Socialistisk Folkeparti
1 Jacob Mark, studerende
Pærehaven 16, 4600 Køge
I. Liberal Alliance
1 Villum Christensen, selvstændig
Lorupvej 46, Bøstrup, 4200 Slagelse
O. Dansk Folkeparti
1 Søren Espersen, journalist
Køng Mark 30, 4750 Lundby
2 Liselott Blixt, sosu-assistent
Blåhegnet 36, 2670 Greve
3 René Christensen, automekaniker
Systofte Skolevej 2 B, Systofte, 4800 Nykøbing F
4 Karin Nødgaard, lærer
Egemosevej 29, Jystrup, 4174 Jystrup Midtsj
5 Merete Dea Larsen, farmakonom
Enghaven 51, Svogerslev, 4000 Roskilde
6 Henrik Brodersen, vvs-montør
Næstved Landevej 603, Venslev, 4243 Rude
7 Jeppe Jakobsen, bestyrelsesformand
Vænget 2 B,st th, 4400 Kalundborg
V. Venstre, Danmarks Liberale Parti
1 Lars Løkke Rasmussen, fhv. minister
2 Marcus Knuth, selvstændig
Gothersgade 91,2. tv, 1123 København K
3 Jacob Jensen, cand.merc.jur.
Overdrevsvej 11, Undløse, 4340 Tølløse
4 Bertel Haarder, fhv. minister
A.L. Drewsens Vej 6, 2100 København Ø
5 Louise Schack Elholm, fuldmægtig
Lokesvej 4, 4180 Sorø
Ø. Enhedslisten – De Rød-Grønne
1 Christian Juhl, arbejdsmand
Bindslevs Plads 12, 8600 Silkeborg
2 Eva Flyvholm, politisk medarbejder
Kløverbladsgade 50,st, 2500 Valby
Å. Alternativet
1 Rasmus Nordqvist, designer
Stevnsgade 1,1. tv, 2200 København N
Fyns Storkreds
A. Socialdemokratiet
1 Dan Jørgensen, minister
Havnegade 45, 4., 1058 København K
2 Jan Johansen, servicemedarbejder
Højen 2 A, 5330 Munkebo
3 Trine Bramsen, seniorkonsulent
4 Erik Christensen, lærer
Granvej 35, 5540 Ullerslev
5 Julie Skovsby, cand.scient.pol.
Egilsvej 88, Højstrup, 5210 Odense NV
C. Det Konservative Folkeparti
1 Mai Mercado, cand.scient.pol.
Moltkesvej 63, 1., 2000 Frederiksberg
F. SF – Socialistisk Folkeparti
1 Karsten Hønge, tømrersvend
Villestoftehegnet 230, Villestofte, 5210 Odense NV
I. Liberal Alliance
1 Merete Riisager, konsulent
Strandlodsvej 91, 2300 København S
O. Dansk Folkeparti
1 Jens Henrik W. Thulesen Dahl, arbejdsmiljøkonsulent
Filshuse 14, Sandager, 5610 Assens
2 Alex Ahrendtsen, forlægger
Åsumvej 269, 5240 Odense NØ
3 Pernille Bendixen, dagplejer
Ellekratvej 63, Ejlstrup, 5200 Odense V
4 Dorthe Ullemose, socialpædagog
Skårupøre Strandvej 100 A, 5881 Skårup Fyn
V. Venstre, Danmarks Liberale Parti
1 Erling Bonnesen, revisor
Kløverbakken 12, Nr Broby, 5672 Broby
2 Lars Chr. Lilleholt, journalist
Langelinie 56, 5230 Odense M
3 Jane Heitmann, cand.mag.
Strandgårdsparken 172, 5600 Faaborg
Ø. Enhedslisten – De Rød-Grønne
1 Pernille Skipper, cand.jur. ((leftist working for the secret service, she is in the fake racist civilian control of the secret service (Oversight), they support secret service to use criminals against immigrants, to create terrorist cases under their control, etc)
Adressebeskyttelse (hidden address, she sold in February the flat in Sønder Boulevard 64, 1. th. 1720 København V, after just 3 years she sold it for 150 000 eur more, she bought it for 1.5 and sold it for 2.7 million dkk, she speculates with property and make herself rich)
2 Rune Lund, konsulent
Bjelkes Allé 54,2., 2200 København N
Å. Alternativet
1 Roger Matthisen, teaterinstruktør
Manøgade 9,st tv, 2100 København Ø
Sydjyllands Storkreds
A. Socialdemokratiet
1 Bjarne Corydon, finansminister
Livornovej 25, 2300 København S
2 Benny Engelbrecht, skatteminister
Egevej 7, Adsbøl, 6300 Gråsten
3 Karen J. Klint, institutionsleder
Nederager 27, 7120 Vejle Øst
4 Jesper Petersen, ba.scient.pol.
Asger Rygs Gade 19,3. tv, 1727 København V
5 Christian Rabjerg Madsen, udviklingskonsulent
Fynsvej 17,3. th, 6000 Kolding
B. Radikale Venstre
1 Lotte Rod, cand.scient.pol.
Amagerfælledvej 33,5. th, 2300 København S
I. Liberal Alliance
1 Mette Bock, selvstændig
Sehestedsvej 4, 8700 Horsens
2 Henrik Dahl, forfatter
Byenden 25, Sigerslev, 4660 Store Heddinge
O. Dansk Folkeparti
1 Kristian Thulesen Dahl, cand.merc.jur.
Jernbanealle 12, Thyregod, 7323 Give
2 Peter Kofod Poulsen, lærerstuderende
Rolighedsvej 30,2., 6100 Haderslev
3 Jan Rytkjær Callesen, selvstændig
Gammelskovvej 15, Pøl, 6430 Nordborg
4 Karina Adsbøl, sosu-assistent
Koldingvej 17, Hjarup, 6580 Vamdrup
5 Marie Krarup, gymnasielærer
Küchlersgade 35, 1774 København V
6 Susanne Eilersen, merkonom
Lunddalvej 3, Erritsø, 7000 Fredericia
V. Venstre, Danmarks Liberale Parti
1 Carl Holst, regionsrådsformand
Nordhaven 5, 6630 Rødding
2 Ellen Trane Nørby, cand.mag.
Strandvej 9,2., 6400 Sønderborg
3 Eva Kjer Hansen, fhv. minister
Gamle Kongevej 33,st, 6200 Aabenraa
4 Hans Christian Schmidt, fhv. minister
Friggsvang 3, 6500 Vojens
5 Anni Matthiesen, koordinator
Egebjerg Landevej 14, Krogager Mk, 7200 Grindsted
Ø. Enhedslisten – De Rød-Grønne
1 Henning Hyllested, havnearbejder
Spangsbjerghaven 81, 6700 Esbjerg
Valgte kandidater for Midtjylland-Nordjylland
Østjyllands Storkreds
A. Socialdemokratiet
1 Nicolai Wammen, forsvarsminister
Havneholmen 30,3. tv, 1561 København V
2 Kirsten Brosbøl, miljøminister
Delfingade 27,st, 1325 København K
3 Henrik Dam Kristensen, minister
Jyllandsgade 6, 7200 Grindsted
4 Maja Panduro, ba.scient.pol.
Søren Møllers Gade 9 B,4. tv, 8900 Randers C
5 Jens Joel, sekretariatschef
Gudrunsvej 58,2. mf, 8220 Brabrand
6 Leif Lahn Jensen, havnearbejder
Anemonevej 13, 8500 Grenaa
7 Daniel Toft Jakobsen, specialkonsulent
Spættevej 11, Ø Snede, 8723 Løsning
B. Radikale Venstre
1 Morten Østergaard, økonomiminister
Oxford Have 19, 2300 København S
C. Det Konservative Folkeparti
1 Naser Khader, senioranalytiker
F. SF – Socialistisk Folkeparti
1 Jonas Dahl, fhv. minister
Avnbølvej 9, 8240 Risskov
I. Liberal Alliance
1 Ole Birk Olesen, redaktør
Toftøjevej 39, 2720 Vanløse
2 Carsten Bach, geolog
Edelsmindevej 7, Høver, 8464 Galten
O. Dansk Folkeparti
1 Mette Hjermind Dencker, terapeut
2 Hans Kristian Bundgaard-Skibby, speditør
Sikavej 23, 7160 Tørring
3 Tilde Bork, studerende
Brorsonsvej 49,2. th, 7400 Herning
4 Kim Christiansen, direktør
Hou Skovvej 7, 9550 Mariager
5 Claus Kvist Hansen, sekr.leder
Byvangen 81, 8700 Horsens
V. Venstre, Danmarks Liberale Parti
1 Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, cand.jur.
Ledreborg Alle 7,1., 2820 Gentofte
2 Britt Bager, pressekonsulent
3 Michael Aastrup Jensen, fhv. borgmester
Dybdalen 12, Assentoft, 8960 Randers SØ
4 Troels Lund Poulsen, fhv. minister
Bukkerupvej 153, Bukkerup, 4340 Tølløse
Ø. Enhedslisten – De Rød-Grønne
1 Nikolaj Villumsen, studerende
Møntmestervej 6 A,2. tv, 2400 København NV
2 Søren Egge Rasmussen, bestyrelsesformand
Hjortshøj Møllevej 162, 8530 Hjortshøj
Å. Alternativet
1 Josephine Fock, sekretariatschef
Regitsevej 4, 2300 København S
Vestjyllands Storkreds
A. Socialdemokratiet
1 Annette Lind, lærer
Gøgeurten 22, Mejrup, 7500 Holstebro
2 Mogens Jensen, handelsminister
Julius Thomsens Gade 12,2. tv, 1632 København V
3 Thomas Jensen, konsulent
Overbyvej 3, Seest, 6000 Kolding
4 Karin Gaardsted, fhv. viceborgmester
Hedevænget 33, 8800 Viborg
B. Radikale Venstre
1 Andreas Steenberg, gymnasielærer
Heibergsgade 24,2. th, 8000 Aarhus C
C. Det Konservative Folkeparti
1 Søren Pape, partiformand
Anlægget 3 N, 8850 Bjerringbro
I. Liberal Alliance
1 Leif Mikkelsen, fhv. gårdejer
Sindingvej 58, 8600 Silkeborg
O. Dansk Folkeparti
1 Dennis Flydtkjær, fhv. selvstændig
Ørskovbakken 42, Snejbjerg, 7400 Herning
2 Christian Langballe, sognepræst
Nedergårdsvej 2, Foulum, 8830 Tjele
3 Karina Due, koordinator
Nørskovlundvej 62, Frausing, 8620 Kjellerup
V. Venstre, Danmarks Liberale Parti
1 Inger Støjberg, fhv. minister
Elmevej 6, 9560 Hadsund
2 Kristian Jensen, fhv. minister
Ydertoften 18, Lind, 7400 Herning
3 Esben Lunde Larsen, cand.theol.,ph.d.
Nørresande 9, 6960 Hvide Sande
4 Thomas Danielsen, bankrådgiver
Brogården 1,2. tv, 7500 Holstebro
5 Kristian Pihl Lorentzen, major
Hermelinvej 4, 8643 Ans By
Ø. Enhedslisten – De Rød-Grønne
1 Jakob Sølvhøj, sektorformand
Sortemosevej 157, 2730 Herlev
Å. Alternativet
1 René Gade, kontaktchef
Georg Krügers Vej 67, 8600 Silkeborg
Nordjyllands Storkreds
A. Socialdemokratiet
1 Bjarne Laustsen, maskinarbejder
Drosselvænget 2, 9530 Støvring
2 Orla Hav, lærer
Vangen 71, 9400 Nørresundby
3 Simon Kollerup, konsulent
Strandvejen 62, Lildstrand, 7741 Frøstrup
4 Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen, konsulent
Norgesgade 19, 1, 2300 København S
5 Flemming Møller Mortensen, sygeplejerske
Siemvej 8, St. Brøndum, 9520 Skørping
6 Rasmus Prehn, gymnasielærer
Peder Pårs Vej 10, 9000 Aalborg
B. Radikale Venstre
1 Marianne Jelved, kulturminister
Buddingevej 44 B, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby
F. SF – Socialistisk Folkeparti
1 Lisbeth Bech Poulsen, fuldmægtig
Rørholmsgade 4,st, 1352 København K
I. Liberal Alliance
1 Christina Egelund, selvstændig
Ågade 15, 1., 9000 Aalborg
O. Dansk Folkeparti
1 Bent Bøgsted, maskinarbejder
Skævevej 90, 9352 Dybvad
2 Morten Marinus, sygehusportør
Fælledvej 61, 9493 Saltum
3 Lise Bech, bogholder
Hjedsbækvej 19, Juelstrup, 9530 Støvring
4 Ib Poulsen, havnebetjent
Grandetoften 9, Kallerup, 7700 Thisted
V. Venstre, Danmarks Liberale Parti
1 Søren Gade, fhv. minister
Kroghsvej 28, 7500 Holstebro
2 Preben Bang Henriksen, advokat
Horsevænget 3, 9000 Aalborg
3 Karsten Lauritzen, bachelor
Østergade 32 C,2. tv, 9800 Hjørring
4 Torsten Schack Pedersen, cand.polit.
Lokesvej 4, 4180 Sorø
Ø. Enhedslisten – De Rød-Grønne
1 Stine Brix, medicinstuderende
Provstevej 18,2., 2400 København NV
Å. Alternativet
1 Torsten Gejl, direktør
Kastrupvej 21, Kastrup, 8544 Mørke


the secret service spies:

Markus Tærsbøl
Frederiksvej 7a, 1th (th = on the right)
2000 Frederiksberg

the whole family at:
rosenørns alle 43B, 1tv (1st floor on the left), Frederiksberg (part of copenhagen), their flat is visible from the back of the building, Fuglevangsvej.

Private addresses of Serbian politicians

  • September 3, 2016 2:50 PM

Below are addresses of Serbian politicians, their present positions and CV can be found in wikipeadia, people can use this addresses to protest beside houses of politicians or for anything else they imagine they could do, I am not a patron to sya to the people what to do, all of us have a choice and personal affinities:

The President of Serbia, Tomislav Nikolić (SNS), Bulevar Zorana Djindjića 45i, 11070 New Belgrade
The Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić (SNS), he has several properties, YUBC (YU business center, new belgrade) 10a/8 and 12B (one is address of his former wife and a child, the building known as Little Red Riding Hood in the YUBC resort) and Antifašističke Borbe 17 (his brother Andrej). His parents are living in the street Krunska, there was the HQ of Democratic Party.
The former president Boris Tadić, 15.1.1958, is now in advisory board of Telenor and Unicredit Group. He changed his address, his new house is in Višnjica, Belgrade.

Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS)

Ivica Dačić, 01.01.1966, Bulevar KN. Aleksandra Karadjordjevića 66, Belgrade, he is the present Minister of Foreign Affairs, the former Minister of Police
Žarko Obradović, 21.05.1960, Koste Glavinića 12A, Savski venac, Belgrade, he was the Minister of Education from 2008 to 2013.
Milutin Mrkonjić, 23.05.1942, Resavska 60, Savski venac, Belgrade (constructions of roads, thief)
Branko Ružić, 14.12.1975, Bulevar KN. Aleksandra Karadjordjevića 72, Belgrade

Democratic Party

Bojan Pajtić, 02.05.1970, Trg carice Milice 4/62, Novi Sad
Dragan Djilas, 22.02.1967, Temišvarska 1, Belgrade (former mayor of belgrade and president of DS, misused his position to make 120 million eur)
Dragan Šutanovac, 24.07.1968, Vojina Djurašinovića 25, Belgrade, he is co-investor in the new building beside the church sveti sava, he has apartment there too: Skerlićeva 20. He propagates the interest of NATO. He was also Minister of Defense.
Božidar Djelić, 01.04.1965, Franje Kluza 6, Belgrade, in January 2014, Djelic joined Lazard Investment Bank in Paris. Propagator of liberal capitalism and selling public sector to the riches.
Gađo Knežević, 15.09.1953, Braće Grim 11, Belgrade
Dragoljub Mićunović, 14.07.1930, Palmira Toljatija 4, New Belgrade
Ružica Djindjić, 25.02.1960, Užička 40, Belgrade (the wife of PM Zoran Djindjić who was assassinated in 2003, Užička is the street of politicians and billionaires)
Aleksandar Vlahović, 02.02.1963, Beogradska 10, Sopot, Belgrade, he was the Minister of the Economy and Privatization and misused and realized the process of transformation from socialism to capitalism. In his time, more than 1300 companies were privatized. He helps to the riches from the West to buy all they want.
Goran Knežević, 12.05.1957, 4. jula 26, Zrenjanin
Dragor Hiber, 04.08.1952, Milutina Milankovića 88, Belgrade


Miroljub Labus, 28.2.1947, Gospodar Jevremova 13, Belgrade (similar to Vlahović, he represented interests of the west billionaires)
Mladjan Dinkić, 20.12.1964, Otona Župančića 32/5, New Belgrade (similar to Vlahović)
Predrag Marković, 7.12.1955, Reljkovićeva 15, Belgrade


Vojislav Koštunica, Gospodar Jevremova 59/4, Belgrade (the former president, helped to the old regime figures to survive pro-EU revolution in Serbia in 2000)


Čedomir Jovanović, 13.4.1971, Takovska 12, Palilula, Belgrade, Pregrevica broj 50, Zemun. He also propagates the interest of NATO. He propagates liberal capitalism, but nobody gives a vote for him anymore.
Žarko Korać, 09.03.1947, Stari Grad, Zmaj – Jovina 13, Belgrade
Nenad Čanak, 02.11.1959, Sonje Marinković 17, Novi Sad


Jožef Kasa, 06.02.1945, Karadjordjev put 7, Subotica

P.S. This is my small revenge because Serbian secret service misuse Serbian criminals in the EU to fuck up my life. Serbian criminals import cocaine to Europe and they supply local criminals i.e. both of them collaborate with the Danish secret service against me. The last evening, they followed me and brought the girl I liked to kiss her in front of me, secret service criminals recruited her to work for the secret service against me (+ she gets money to do it). Some people can say it is stupid, but it is not, they misuse criminals against immigrants and secret service from Denmark and Serbia collaborate against me. They are many, I am just one, but I can fuck them up, for example with publishing addresses of politicians. Addresses of Danish politicians will be in the next article, for now here is the link, they publish it at the website of Danish parliament: