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Denmark is polluter No4 in the world, Maersk company is a disaster for the nature, 600 cargo ships, one spend 80 000 liters bunker oil per day

  • February 23, 2017 3:25 PM


Despite the wind power that covered 41% of all electricity used in Denmark during the first half of 2014, Denmark is among the world’s top 4 polluters, just after Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates. Researchers at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) measured how countries around the world consume fossil fuels and looked at other relevant factors including forestry, fishing and farming methods. If everyone in the world lived like a Dane, the global population would need the resources from about 4.5 Earth-like planets. The report also found that world populations of fish, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles fell overall by 52 percent between 1970 and 2010. Danish based Maersk company pollute the nature more than the whole Denmark together. They transport products from China to Europe with cargo ships, therefore, they don’t pollute only Danish sea, they pollute the whole world. More about Maersk below. Here are Danish politicians that serve the interest of billionaires who exploit people and nature, in the name of profit (even they have so much money they can’t spend it how much they have it, rich people are mental cases, they use drugs too much).

The present Prime Minister is Lars Lokke Rasmussen: Heibergsgade 18, 3th floor, 1056 København K.
NGO: Løkke Fonden, Bredgade 30, 1260 København K (how many companies gave money to this NGO? Or they send money directly to the secret bank account in Monaco?)
Screenshots of all spies around his house, below is the video: and here also:

Here are addresses of many Danish politicians, the list of candidates for elections in 2015, including their private addresses: Danish politicians 2015.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt was the Prime Minister, she got a new job in London from the CIA (Save the Children, NGO), maybe her family is still living on the mentioned address in this file. Søren Pind was the Minister of Justice until Nov. 2016, he is a corporate fascist obsessed with immigrants, he also supports secret service to do activities against immigrants, etc. It is the same case with the new justice minister Søren Pape Poulsen. Billionaires also use secret service to corrupt leftist politicians, to control leftist and communist parties and members (Enhedslisten). corrupted leftists got a job from the secret service to include militant leftist in the system and provide them with high paid jobs to push them to sell themselves for money, to become the part of the system. Capitalism absorbed hippies and punk, capitalists absorb/include revolutionary leftists in the system, they give them position in the parliament and 7 000 Eur monthly salary. Click Continue Reading below to read more…

maersk-departments-1  maersk-departments-2
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Danish billionaires that are the government in the shadow:

Ane Maersk Mc Kinney Uggla is the owner of Maersk company, and her son Robert will inherit company after her, their private address is (300m from the headquarter): Toldbodgade 36A, 4 (floor), th (th means on the right), 1253 Copenhagen K.
Since September 2016, Robert is the second person in company, after his mother Ane that is Number 1. Rich people always make many companies or holdings or foundations, but Ane and Robert office address is Esplanaden 15, just beside their Maersk HQ in Esplanaden 50. Maybe I wrote some other address (Amaliegade 33B) in the video. They have offices all over the city for CEOs of each department of Maersk company.

Ane Maersk Uggla is born 1948, she manages the Board of Directors: A.P. Møller – Mærsk A/S.
Other management: A.P. Møller og Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fond til almene Formaal (chairman); Den A.P. Møllerske StøtteFond (Chairman); A.P. Møller Holding A/S (chairman); Maersk Broker A/S (chairman); Maersk Broker K/S (chairman); Estemco A/S (chairman).

Maersk family is a Danish family although Ane and Robert can have Swedish citizenship and address, but the company is also Danish based, with a HQ in Copenhagen. Her sisters are also living in Denmark, Roberts’s wife is from Malmo and Ane husband is a Swedish military officer.

Maersk family are the exploiters that profit from the war for oil, they are connected with military intelligence, they finance politicians too. Consequently, the politicians and their repressive forces are serving the interest of this family. This family is the government from the shadow, Danish state departments are doing everything for them, although in the last 3 years, the CIA and American banks corrupted Danish politicians too. Those who own American military industry, so-called defense contractors (Boeing, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, etc.). In 2017, it is a question if Danish politicians are working for Ane or for the CIA. It is visible about the war for oil in energy countries, after the war and the killing of Saddam Hussein (and million people beside Saddam), Mærsk company got a contract to exploit oil in Iraq. But the CIA serves American billionaires and made advices to Obama to make the price war about oil “with Russia”, in fact they make the price war with all non-American oil companies that are target of American billionaires (destroy the value of companies and buy it for 1/5 of the price). Maersk oil is losing the profit because of American oil war “with Russia”, it means, the value of the company is going down, therefore, Ane and Robert separated Maersk oil from the rest of the company, in the end of 2016. Maersk oil production comes from Denmark, the UK, Qatar, Kazakhstan, the US Gulf of Mexico, Algeria, Brazil, Angola, Norway, Greenland, Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Consequently, Maersk and Danish politicians care who will be the government in all these countries. The profit of billionaires is the root of colonial politics. Click Continue Reading below to read more …

Index page of the site: AgainstServants

  • February 18, 2017 7:34 PM

Enemies of society are trying to keep us under control. They shut down or censor information (this website) the same as churches burned books in the middle age. In 2013, after Wikileaks and Snowden, we got some new information about the dimensions of the NSA spying, that’s the reason to update this site. This site was one period at Autistici hosting from Italy, but they censored Germany page and they use round-cube webmail that is forcing users to use JavaScript. I could not use webmail anonymously with proxies. I couldn’t login to their hosting anymore even with a clear IP. Fishy admins. Their centralized hosting with 2000 anarchist websites in one place is the realization of the spy’s dream.

This site gives you information about people who exploit society, who work against society, about people who are servants of exploiters, and exploiters themselves. The exploiters want to expand their market and wealth, therefore they corrupt politicians to use military to attack other countries, for the same “profit” reasons they spy us, imprison us, beat us, sell us dirty drugs, poison our food, etc. Global capitalism brings global wars for resources and they make repression against every individual who is against them and their plans. From making police database about protesters to the killing of their enemies. Capitalism without colonialism would be poor, and poor people would rebel more than the present western “upper class”. All people mentioned here in this website are not ordinary people than those who participate in expanding of the market for exploiters, it means they create wars and its propaganda, repression and racism which are also an integral component of the war for resources. Consequently, repression is done at the biggest percentage against leftist revolutionaries, immigrants and Muslims. They are mostly arrested and spied, it means also infiltrated by secret service and spied globally by the NSA. Now they (the CIA and billionaires that own arms industry) started to make a profit from disorder and insecurity, they manufacture terrorism, they support protests and violence, the same as Italian spies created bomb attacks, before 40 years, to blame red brigades and anarchists for that i.e. to get an excuse to make bigger repression. The only difference is that today they started to make money from insecurity, in the past it was about repression, today it is about making repression + money. That’s the result of selling the state to the private sector. Politicians and the state wanted repression in the past, but rich people today profit from repression. Liberal fascist capitalism (realized by politicians, cops and repressive apparatus) is more and more openly totalitarian, serving profit of billionaires who finance politicians. (Click Continue Reading below…)

They spy us, we should spy them – against exploiters and their servants – added as a tor hidden service, still not updated

  • February 14, 2017 8:52 PM

Enemies of society are trying to keep us under control. They shut down or censor information (this website:, germany page is censored by server admins, backup was at:, it is deleted) the same as churches burned books in the middle age.
This site gives you information about people who exploit society, who work against society, about people who are servants of exploiters, and exploiters themselves.

Information are still NOT updated, I am working on it, more pigs will be included, died pigs will be removed, Javascript files are already removed, now there are only html/css/jpg/pdf files. There is also futurebox (css) instead of lightbox (js) for photos. This site is now reachable behind the Tor network, with the onion domain: http://doxmknu6k6tgtxxq.onion (+backup: http://22337c6hfefn4tgb.onion)

This site is publishing pictures and addresses of mentioned servants because they are not faceless representatives of the state and exploiters than people with exact names and addresses. The same they do when they send us to the prison, we have name and address and we are not faceless representatives of some protest/rebellion. Officially, the sole purpose of this site is to gather and publish info about them, the same as they do against us (for example, there are public databases of criminals). Will anyone use it to make any type of action, it is his/her/their choice. But people should be careful, the exploiters and their servants are usually protected by private guards or by the police and secret service. For example, homes of politicians or embassies are observed from nearby houses by the secret service, it means, they can make video records and call the police to come fast.

Rebellion started in France (November 2006), it happened in March 2007 and Feb.2008 in Denmark, it is present constantly in Greece and it should be repeated and spread in other countries… Those who can’t wait for rebellions and revolutions, they can make their own attacks against property and people that exploit us. Only diversity of actions and strategies are proof that we are not under control.