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Index page of the site: AgainstServants

  • February 18, 2017 7:34 PM

Enemies of society are trying to keep us under control. They shut down or censor information (this website) the same as churches burned books in the middle age. In 2013, after Wikileaks and Snowden, we got some new information about the dimensions of the NSA spying, that’s the reason to update this site. This site was one period at Autistici hosting from Italy, but they censored Germany page and they use round-cube webmail that is forcing users to use JavaScript. I could not use webmail anonymously with proxies. I couldn’t login to their hosting anymore even with a clear IP. Fishy admins. Their centralized hosting with 2000 anarchist websites in one place is the realization of the spy’s dream.

This site gives you information about people who exploit society, who work against society, about people who are servants of exploiters, and exploiters themselves. The exploiters want to expand their market and wealth, therefore they corrupt politicians to use military to attack other countries, for the same “profit” reasons they spy us, imprison us, beat us, sell us dirty drugs, poison our food, etc. Global capitalism brings global wars for resources and they make repression against every individual who is against them and their plans. From making police database about protesters to the killing of their enemies. Capitalism without colonialism would be poor, and poor people would rebel more than the present western “upper class”. All people mentioned here in this website are not ordinary people than those who participate in expanding of the market for exploiters, it means they create wars and its propaganda, repression and racism which are also an integral component of the war for resources. Consequently, repression is done at the biggest percentage against leftist revolutionaries, immigrants and Muslims. They are mostly arrested and spied, it means also infiltrated by secret service and spied globally by the NSA. Now they (the CIA and billionaires that own arms industry) started to make a profit from disorder and insecurity, they manufacture terrorism, they support protests and violence, the same as Italian spies created bomb attacks, before 40 years, to blame red brigades and anarchists for that i.e. to get an excuse to make bigger repression. The only difference is that today they started to make money from insecurity, in the past it was about repression, today it is about making repression + money. That’s the result of selling the state to the private sector. Politicians and the state wanted repression in the past, but rich people today profit from repression. Liberal fascist capitalism (realized by politicians, cops and repressive apparatus) is more and more openly totalitarian, serving profit of billionaires who finance politicians. (Click Continue Reading below…)