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They spy us, we should spy them – against exploiters and their servants – added as a tor hidden service, still not updated

  • February 14, 2017 8:52 PM

Enemies of society are trying to keep us under control. They shut down or censor information (this website: autistici.org/againstservants, germany page is censored by server admins, backup was at: autistici.org/anarhizam, it is deleted) the same as churches burned books in the middle age.
This site gives you information about people who exploit society, who work against society, about people who are servants of exploiters, and exploiters themselves.

Information are still NOT updated, I am working on it, more pigs will be included, died pigs will be removed, Javascript files are already removed, now there are only html/css/jpg/pdf files. There is also futurebox (css) instead of lightbox (js) for photos. This site is now reachable behind the Tor network, with the onion domain: http://doxmknu6k6tgtxxq.onion (+backup: http://22337c6hfefn4tgb.onion)

This site is publishing pictures and addresses of mentioned servants because they are not faceless representatives of the state and exploiters than people with exact names and addresses. The same they do when they send us to the prison, we have name and address and we are not faceless representatives of some protest/rebellion. Officially, the sole purpose of this site is to gather and publish info about them, the same as they do against us (for example, there are public databases of criminals). Will anyone use it to make any type of action, it is his/her/their choice. But people should be careful, the exploiters and their servants are usually protected by private guards or by the police and secret service. For example, homes of politicians or embassies are observed from nearby houses by the secret service, it means, they can make video records and call the police to come fast.

Rebellion started in France (November 2006), it happened in March 2007 and Feb.2008 in Denmark, it is present constantly in Greece and it should be repeated and spread in other countries… Those who can’t wait for rebellions and revolutions, they can make their own attacks against property and people that exploit us. Only diversity of actions and strategies are proof that we are not under control.