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Criminal Prisons, Deportation Prisons

  • January 17, 2016 12:57 PM

media_controlI: First I would like to say that leading tendencies in every society are created by elites who control education, medias and other „devices“ for (mass) control of society. The state is created by riches, nobody asked poor, slaves, anything. The same is with prisons. First prisons in history were created by riches, to put inside poor who took money but didn’t give it back – but question would be: How they became richer than other in community? So, my opinion is that poor didn’t have obligation to give it back, they just took back stolen. During the time, system of punishing is institutionalized so there is no more private person who is punisher/executor, who could be targeted, hated by poor. In the middle age, whatever someone did, many people had mercy for him when they see how he is screaming on the square during torture, killed by executor. Therefore, authorities are trying during the time to hide, to move punishing from publicity. “Elites” make censorship about visit, letters, etc, they build criminal and prisons for deportation, refugee camps also, far away from cities, in woods or in fields + through education and with help of medias they successfully control the way of thinking of majority of people. Only prison’s guards, their chef and victims know what’s happening inside (of the prisons, refugee camps, etc). All of this is quite clear if someone research history of the state, of prisons, of the punishment…
It is tendency of authority to build social state, to make people to be soft, pacifists (while the state realize repression), to hide from them horrible things, to make nice terms „in the name of nation“, censorship because of „interest of investigation“ or „of aim of punishing-correction“, etc. All of this has influence on people who are under control.
For example, in January 2006, one media in Swiss published results of a pool: Should prisoners get worst food? 70% of asked answered: Yes. Such mentality authorities can’t create without control of education, of medias too. Majority is thinking like it is interest of riches.

Anarchists and activists should fight against it in the way which they find for good and effective. My opinion is that first step is to give information to the people about the whole problematic: about situation in the prisons, does prisons correct anybody (proclamated aims), to uncover „nice“ theory and to explain to the people that prisons are revenge of riches, to uncover failure of system of justice, to show benefits of elites/riches from prison’s industry, etc. People don’t react because of lack of information and because they are trying to adapt themselves in the time and in the system in which they are born, which they see around themselves. They are trying to find personal success in all of it. People are participating without too much thinking, in general they condemn people who „crossed the line“. Beside lack of info, reason for such behavior is that people are feeling weak as individuals against the system, and some people are simply careerists who don’t care for others. Judgement, justifying of punishing is in any case favorised by elites, elites are creating public opinion and system, people just adapt themselves in it.
At this point I would like to mention that difference between East and West Europe is that young people in the former Yugoslavia don’t discriminate so much someone who was in prison like it is the case in the West. It is caused by bad economic situation in last 15 years here: workers stayed poor while criminals became rich. So, for many young people see criminals as idols, criminals are symbol for enjoying in system where the enjoying is connected with money. Older people in cities also lost beliefs in the state, it is very visible in little country who had benefits from privatization and from wars, many people had to participate in black market in order to survive. So, my impression is that discrimination of ex-prisoners is bigger in the West. It was such discrimination in the time of dictator “Tito”. But now, because of economic destruction, mentality is changed, people accepted some (illegal) things as normal.

For the end of this first part I would like to remember readers that cops, judges, prosecutors, chefs of prisons, are not functions without name. People with names persecute, torture other people. These days I read in German’s indymedia that 9 people are persecuted in Rom (Tombolino got 9 years for sending of „bomb“ which exploded in hand of cop, second person 6 years for bomb attack on court house, third person got 3 years for damaging of McDonalds). In Hessen is opened, November 2005, first partly privatized prison… As we see, elites are very well organized, coordinated, they are not passive. Beside it, my opinion is that economic act can be political one also, because it can be resistance to exploitation, to hierarchy, etc. I say it because some people think that political prisoners are only those who attacked some president, etc. Especially when someone is illegal in the West, without right to be exploited, or without possibility to find job, such person is criminalized by Westeuropean authorities. Unfortunately, elites have good security so victims of illegals can be exploited class (on the street or anywhere) – it means people are pushed to be illegal, consequently they can attack ordinary people on the street to take their money.

II: Elites in the West Europe worked on it to separate domestic from foreign workers, domestic from illegals, etc. The fact is that class of exploited is separated and it is the case with anarchists from the East and West. If some anarchist from East come to the West without visa and without money, everybody will run away, nobody will help. The West is for me consisted by egoistic individuals who help only if you are in sex relation with them or if you are long time friends. Of course, illegals have no time to make so long friendship. So, if people who are in better position, domestic citizens in the West, don’t help like individuals, or if they don’t create organized infrastructure for giving of information and for giving of help, they will stay little groups, they will not succeed to meet illegals, foreigners with anarchism, with movement. It is enough to say that fight of illegal person is finished after first arrest (at protest, at squatting, or at asking for ID on the street) because of deportation, but fight of domestic people against system is continuing after 48 hours of arrest.

Illegals are underclass, without right to be exploited, to get social help, even if they find work in black, chef can say: I don’t want to pay you. Therefore, before or later such situation bring illegals in this or that kind of prison. It is clear that elites work against all of us, but it is the fact that illegals and foreign workers get only verbal support from anarchists and from activists. Illegals are left alone. Even in french riot last year, illegals and foreign workers cooperated together, they are not connected with domestic people.

III: Prison for deportation in Basel, Swiss, was full of people. About 80 of us, although it was constructed for maybe double less. Therefore, administration built bed up over beds on the ground. This prison is new, 6 years old, but administration make life inside harder. They closed doors of cells half hour before it is written in the House Order, so we had to eat inside of cells and result is that cells stink whole night on food. I was in cell with 2 beds, 9m+2m WC without door just 1m far away from bed. They limited our time to ask for doctor. Doctor will always refuse to help, I don’t know what they do when someone dies. It is such mentality of Swiss, plus surely such instruction from the administration. Prison’s guards are trying to make life more nervous. You must ask them (if you demand they will learn you that you should ask) 100 times to get something for hygiene, sometimes they will control you to the skin when you come back from doctor to the cell, etc. On TV we had Slovenian channel although people from this state don’t finish in such kind of prison, and newspapers we could order only from listing created by administration, only one time weekly. So, except of limiting our freedom and making us nervous because of insecure situation (about deportation), boredom and prison’s guards are the biggest problem for imprisoned people. Therefore imprisoned should have someone outside for contact, for help. Letters, something like Diskman and CDs with music, books, are necessary things for imprisoned, to help them in „fight“ against boredom.
Prisons for deportation are with xenophobic administration, the same like criminal prisons. Imprisoned can be less xenophobic in prisons for deportation than in criminal prisons. That’s my impression.

IV: We can see that in prisons in Spain people die “from hart attack”, that Basque are beaten by Spanish nationalists, etc. So it is reflection of control of state repressive departments which have control of mentality, ruling rules, in prisons. I was in custody, not in prison, in my country. Inside, mostly people are xenophobic – they hate everything that is not from our country, who is not xenophobic he will adapt himself in ruling opinion which is created by the main persons in cells. There is violence of stronger over weaker, youngs will always use any chance to be authority for others, older are not making shot for other people. 2004 it was allowed one time weekly to take a shower. 2005 it was allowed 2 times weekly. 2005 was allowed to have radio. One part of the prison is new, built for ex-political elite and for their killers. They have modern cells, everyday warm water, 3 beds per cell. Ordinary cell in old part of the prison is 30 square meters, with 12 or 14 people in a cell. Prison/Jail is very old, so we had to wash dishes and cloths in WC with cold water, the door of toilet is with holes so it stinks when someone is inside, ventilation is natural… Simply, too many people in small place and place is very old.

Since 2000, chefs of prisons are changed. New chefs are marionettes of new elites so again some prisoners have privileges, for example ex-director of national TV. In that time, only one NGO could visit prisons and write details about condition of life there. I found one woman’s NGO who visited women in in female prison but they don’t want to give to the people to read reports.
Reception part of the jail is responsible for mixing of “big” with “little” criminals because they decide who will go in which cell. One boy, who was “friendly tortured” said: When I go out I will work honestly I will not do anything against the law“. His words are reaction on torture. Therefore I say that “big” are cooperators of administration because they realize wish of repressive departments: that small criminals give up from doing criminal acts. In that way, “big” “correct” people, they overtake “the role of prison guards”. Such rules which exist in cells are created by administration and “big” just realize it. “Big” get privileges for it: warm water every evening, improvised body building, exchanging of messages between cells, etc. I can describe relation between “big criminals” and prison’s guards like relation between father and son. Father like son whatever he is doing, till moment when he cross the line – until he is not attacking guards – if he cross the line, groups of “fathers” will beat him 2 days. In every cell there are 1 or 2 “big” who decide everything. It is so about strike also. If leaders in cells decide to strike, everybody follow them. So chef of prison must negotiate with them. But like “father and son”, they always find compromise. Individual strike can succeed, but very rarely. If you demand your rights, the first, you will meet skeptic at other imprisoned people, the second, doctor and judge will try to scare you or to send you at the psychiatry because of such your behavior.
So, the way of thinking in prisons are created by secret agency, by administration, and it is realized by “big criminals”, therefore opinion inside is xenophobic, therefore inside is ruling hierarchy and violence. prison guards don’t need to beat you, big criminals (organized criminals) will do it to get some privileges for themselves. In my country, everybody says, there is no drug on the street without cops and secret service, it means all of them work together and if you are political activists, who will attack you in the prison if not big drug criminals that collaborate with cops and secret service?