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Sweden: Jullian Assange, Anna Ardin, Beatrice Ask, Anders Danielsson

  • April 27, 2017 1:00 PM

Sweden has some fake reputation of social welfare, something like “socialist-capitalism”, many people even make mistake and think they are a communist country, but if the education is on the bill of the state/society, it doesn’t mean that the country is communist one. Beside it, in reality, there are crowd of Swedish homeless on the streets, the same as in any other country. Maybe before 30 years they helped to the poor Swedes, but today, how much you make a profit for riches, that’s how much you are worth.
The present government are social-democrats, whatever is their program to attract voters, in reality, they realize fascist liberal politics: they sell the state to the rich people and they make propaganda and repression against immigrants.
Shortly, Sweden, as many other countries, has rich people who in the past supported Hitler and such people finance political parties in Sweden. Beside domestic rich people, American billionaires and the CIA have influence on Swedish politicians (defense contractors like Lockheed Martin corrupt politicians to sell arms and the same politicians are used for anything Americans need). Swedish behavior about Julian Assange is the best example of changes Sweden went through from 1980 until today.

Julian Assange 2015

The case of Julian Assange, the founder of Wikilelaks, is an example of the influence/corruption of the CIA on Swedish politicians. Julian felt in the trap of the CIA and the trap was prepared by the Swedish secret service (SAPO). SAPO would not do anything directly for the CIA then the CIA used Swedish politicians to activate SAPO against Julian. I suppose they used Carl Bildt, considering he was connected very much with the American politics already in the time of separation of Yugoslavia 1991-1994. Bildt could use the Minister of Justice or SAPO directly. The director of SAPO in that time (2007-2012) was Sven Anders Herman Danielsson (born 27 December 1953), until 2012 when he became the Director-General of the Swedish Migration Board, succeeding Dan Eliasson. Dec. 1st, 2016, he became the general secretary of the Red Cross. So, his working address is public, the headquarter of Swedish Red Cross: Svenska Röda Korset, Hornsgatan 54, Box 17563, 11891 Stockholm. Anders Danielsson lives in Stockholm and has the property also in Skåne (Hököpinge, 1,105 inhabitants, south from Malmö), he is married and has two children. He is an example of infiltration of spies in humanitarian organizations and an example of spying immigrants, making them a security threat because of different nationality and color of skin, that’s racism. Infiltration of humanitarian organizations by the secret service also lead to the death of Red Cross workers in Somalia and similar.

Ann Ardin 2010-2017

Eva Finne, Sofia Wilen, Anna Ardin

The SAPO used its spy Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen to do the job against Julian, their job was to discredit (destroy credibility) of Julian/Wikileaks that published information about American war crimes, to turn the public against him. People usually condemn raping and with a media campaign, discrediting could be successful, therefore, they made a rape accusations. Beside it, they wanted to keep Julian in the custody to get him beaten, people charged for the rape get beaten by the other prisoners. The job of Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen and all others (the cops, prosecutors, lawyers) was to help to the SAPO, to the corrupted politicians and to the CIA to achieve these 2 things against Assange: discrediting and beating in the custody.

Elisabeth Massi Fritz

In 2016, the lawyer of Anna Ardin is Elisabeth Massi Fritz. She said to the Swedish media “The only thing I can say is that Assange has low credibility, which we will prove when we prosecute.” Fritz working address: Advokabyrån Elisabeth Fritz AB, Birger Jarlsg. 73 -75, 114 20 Stockholm.

Claes Gustaf Borgstrom

Thomas Lennart Bodstrom

In the past, since 2010, the lawyer office Borgström & Bodström (Västmannag. 4, 111 24 Stockholm) were the representative of Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilén. Claes Gustaf Borgström, born July 21, 1944 in Stockholm, is a Swedish lawyer and politician, his private address is Högbergsgatan 93, 11854 Stockholm. He created the law firm with the former Justice Minister Thomas Lennart Bodström (1962), his home address: Norr Mälarstrand 56 (lgh 1703), 112 20 Stockholm. His wife is living there, Eva Helén Bodström, and daughter Maria Vanja Alexandra Bodström.

Beatrice Ask

The Minister of Justice in 2010 was: Eva Carin Beatrice Ask, Kungsgatan 75 (lgh 1201), 112 27 Stockholm.

But back to the beginning:
Anna invited Julian to Sweden, she invited him into her flat to sleep there, she met him with Sofia Wilen and she was together with Sofia to the police, possibly the SAPO and the CIA thought it is better if 2 women make charges against the target. The police woman they visited, Irmeli Krans, was the friend of Anna.

Anna Ardin (Svea Anna Karolina Ardin), born in 1979 in Visby, worked as a press secretary and political secretary for Sweden’s christian social democrats – the brotherhood movement. She was involved in organizing a seminar that was to take place on 14 August where Julian Assange had been invited in as a lecturer. Her home address in that time was Tjurbergsgatan 36, 118 56 Stockholm. In 2015, it was Alströmergatan 32, 112 47 Stockholm. Possibly in 2017, she is living with Bengt Henrik Karlsson (43) at the next address: Kalmgatan 41 (lgh 1103, it is the number of the flat), 121 45 Johanneshov.

In 2017, Anna is working at the Forum, she is there a project leader and moderator, this Forum is the place for the SAPO spies. They bring there Swedish NGOs to discuss international activities, they are spies that gather information about foreign countries or make a sabotage and propaganda in foreign countries against subjects that are not good for the Western/US corporations. For the espionage in other countries, the secret service use churches and their international departments, Red Cross, UNICEF and similar, of course, the CIA can use Swedish spies, to hide who really spy in Palestine or Somalia. The working address of Anna Ardin in 2017: Forum, Hantverkargatan 3F, 112 21 Stockholm

Sofia Linnea Wilén is the second girl working for the secret service, her address in 2010 was: Torggatan 45, 745 30 ENKÖPING. She is not there anymore, SAPO deleted information about her at google and so on. Possibly she got a status of protected eyewitness, only the tax office knows her address, but she could also relocate anywhere in Scandinavia, for example to Norway. Scandinavians can use their personal number (ID) to live in the other Scandinavian country without to ask for a living permission or new ID. Swedish person can relocate to Norway and continue to use the ID from Sweden.

Irmeli Krans + Bodstrom

Eva Finne 2016

Maria Haljebo Kjellstrand

Irmeli Krans is the police investigator, a close friend of Anna Ardin, she called the prosecutor Maria Häljebo Kjellstrand who decided to arrest Julian Assange in his absence. The head prosecutor, the chief for Maria, was Eva Finné, first she abolished Maria request to arrest Julian, she didn’t think it was raping but later obviously she was called from a higher instance and started the case against Julian. Then the head of Göteborg prosecutor office, Marianne Ny, became the main prosecutor. It is also interesting that Kjellstrand, who issued an arrest warrant on the basis of a phone call and then told all to the media (to start a campaign against Julian), is married into the office of the justice minister Beatrice Ask. Kjellstrand is married to Per Kjellstrand who worked for Sweden’s minister of justice Beatrice Ask who is suspected of being in contact with the US regarding WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. Charges have been filed against Swedish prosecutor Maria Häljebo Kjellstrand for violating secrecy laws in revealing details of the Assange case to the media.
Irmeli Krans possible address: Drakenbergsgatan 41 1301, 11741 Stockholm

Ingrid Isgren

Ingrid Isgren, Sweden’s deputy chief prosecutor, visited Julian in London, 2016, to question him in the embassy. Assange’s Swedish lawyer, Per Samuelson, was not allowed to be present. An investigation into separate sexual assault allegations a second Swedish woman made against Assange had to be dropped last year after the deadline to bring charges expired.

Collaboration of Danish secret service and criminals + Methods of work of secret service

  • June 16, 2015 6:22 PM


Hells Angels, the same as Muslim criminals called Blaagaards Gang (Loyal to the Family) are collaborating with secret service. They follow immigrants and attack them or simply give information to secret service. There is no line between criminals and Danish PET, obviously PET Nazis misuse their job to get money from drugs and give protection to criminals about police (cops are also working for PET). I was attacked, as other people too, by Blaagaards Gang and I am followed several years by Hells Angels, there are no PET spies when HA are around, it means they do spying job for Danish secret service (PET is short name for Danish secret service). Considering activists, they should be aware that organized criminals are right hand of secret service, in every country, in Copenhagen mentioned gang attack People House in Stengade 50, it was place for organizing protest in December 2009 (climate summit), they attack and people who come there, etc. It is the same if activists are attacked in the prison, it is ordered by secret service and done by guards and criminals. You should not trust to the people working for criminals, if they have drug dealers in place you visit, be aware they can sell you (or to your friend) dirty drugs and you can die or get some disease. Secret service use criminals against political activists, and criminals can use their dealers in some squat or place visited by activists.

Here is longer topic about Methods of work of secret service.

First thing I must say that everything about secret service (intelligence, secret agency, Danish PET, however you call it) is secret and cooperators of secret service misuse it to say: conspiracy theory, science fiction, etc. Only Snowden that worked for NSA could say something and spies could not say he speaks science fiction. So, even if you find just a piece of this text useful, it is good. By the way, cooperators are people who cooperate with PET and they get privileges and money but don’t get salary as PET agents who are employed as spies. For example, I saw one idiot dressed like autonomen in Sept.2009, 4 months before protests, I saw him he visited stroberiet with 2 girls (above blaagards bibliotek) and possibly he visited other places for activists. He had about 7-8 cooperators who give him reports what they know about people, in places where come immigrants. One German later told me he is working in some immigrant organization and I was thinking: why racists help to refugees? but then I remembered, they “help” them to be able spy them (to collect information about them). Where are immigrants, there are PET spies. I am illegal immigrant from 2007 in DK and I never contacted any refugee organization (I don’t trust them) and I didn’t ask gov for political asylum or anything. In the meantime they abolished visa for people from my country. Now I see I made good decision. The only problem is that I had to use racist red cross, they are the same shit as refugee org, churches/priests and other PET cooperators.

Second thing, even if you think all this is shit, you can learn more about methods of work of secret service if you read website of glenn greenwald and if you read cointelpro documents (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlKP5fgY4C0 fbi war on black America). Some things don’t change: methods of their work, what FBI did before 50 years, they still do it today, and Danish secret service (PET) does the same. What they did against Martin Luther King, they do it today against anti-war activists, anarchists, and all other spectrum of activists, against Muslims too and in the last period they started war propaganda against Russians. You didn’t know that one of leader of Black Panthers had body guard who worked for FBI? Chief of security for Black Panthers too, but the point is that spies worked a lot to get trust of other people and all the time they worked for FBI, they can give to FBI and plan of your home, where you sleep, so, when police make raid, they know where to shoot (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/g-flint-taylor/the-fbi-cointelpro-progra_b_4375527.html). Don’t be surprised if your girlfriend/boyfriend is working for secret service. But the point is that you don’t become paranoid. It is just an example, here is another one, PET and all secret services use women to spy ambassadors in their countries, they use women to have sex affairs with embassy personals and to get information or to blackmail them to give information. Therefore, people who get a job in embassies must pass course about security because they are target of secret service and they can be involved in dirty games.
Glenn Greenwald website: https://firstlook.org/theintercept/
Cointelpro: http://www.krusch.com/books/kennedy/Cointelpro_Papers.pdf
So, if you just read first link, this forum post is useful.

Third thing, very important thing: anarchists should separate critics from propaganda, in that way, we don’t put finger on somebody who criticize us to say, “he is working for secret service”. Anarchists must stay open for critics, but they should recognize propaganda made by spies to destroy our groups and to isolate militants. If I criticize anarchists, it is OK, I can have my opinion, even if I think that somebody (or a group) is shit, it is my autonomy to have my opinion about that person or group. But if I behave like obsessed with some person/group, I speak against him/her/them all the time, million times everywhere, you should activate alarm in your head and be careful about me, maybe I work for secret service and I have a job to make bad picture about them. That’s what German secret service did in the time of Red Army Fraction, they activated their spies to speak against them, to isolate them, to destroy support of people for them. They do it today against Muslims, they make forum posts, website/news comments, YouTube channels, they make propaganda against Muslims in million places. All of that is done by spies, and as you can see, all spies are racists. Spies create consent of society for war for oil (imperialism), they produce hate for victims of war (Muslims in Iraq and other countries, Iranians, Russians or Venezuelans in the future), they make them monsters in the eyes of west Europeans, they produce fear about them (to get more informants among ordinary people who will even report Muslim for standing on the corner), and beside all of that, they infiltrate their groups in the west. Spies also corrupt Muslims, among others, they give privileges to Muslim criminals like Blaagaards Gang that got the job from PET to attack Folkethuset (stengade 50) because it was place for coordination of protest in Dec.2009. So, folkethuset has problems with criminals, but behind criminals is secret service (PET). PET makes revenge and they destroy place that served as meeting point of resistance. They attack people who come there and they will try to shut down that place, I didn’t follow how much they succeeded, but I read sometimes news about attacked people and I think house was closed one period. That’s work of secret service. Infiltration of criminals in Christiania is also work of secret service, to make them bad in eyes of society, and to attack them with police. The aim is to send cops to overtake Christiania (property in the center of the city) and to sell it to the rich people. So, behind criminals is secret service and behind PET are politicians who want money and business possibilities for riches (rich people finance political parties). Conspiracy theory without proof? There is no proof about PET, they don’t document illegal things they do, they don’t write: Today we met leaders of some gang and made deal with them to use their members to attack political activists who come to Stengade 50, and we will protect leaders of gang from police or we will take care that judge give them 50% smaller punishment that they would usually get. Don’t be surprised when you read news: criminals got sentence less than 2 years of prison for shooting people, while an anarchist get 7 years for trying to burn property (police academy). It is everything work of PET, in this example, influence of PET on judicial system (judges and prosecutors).

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