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Danish manufacturers of terrorism and war, in the name of profit

  • April 11, 2017 10:03 AM

Manufacturing terrorism and war is connected with corruption and financial criminality i.e. with the greediness in capitalism. Some people become deviant how much they are materialists, crazy for money, they are ready to kill crowd of people, in the name of profit. Criminals kill one person when the hit is ordered, politicians kill mass of people. Just in one terrorist attack, 130 people died in France and it was misused to make a business from insecurity: to produce fear and paranoia with the aim to convince society that repression is good and not bad, “the Gov makes repression to protect us from evil terrorists”, to produce insecurity to profit from militarization of society, to profit while building a totalitarian state. Again, the totalitarian system is created to secure the profit of rich people, by increasing repression against society. Double good for the ruling class: they create the system of total control of society, they profit while they do it. Below are information about several Danish top people who manufacture terrorism and war with the aim to profit and create a totalitarian state. Rich people who finance them and profit also, are not mentioned in this article. Although Danish billionaires profit from building totalitarian system, they will be able to exploit workers like in the 19th century, manufacturing terrorism and war is more connected with the American corruption in Danish politics, the CIA/DOD and American billionaires and Danish politicians are manufacturing all of that and profit from all of that. Domestic billionaires are not the primary cause of this process of turning society back to the 19th century by manufacturing terrorism and repression, the CIA/DOD and their billionaires that own private military industry are the root of that. The next article will be about the ownership and management of Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and similar.

Danish Prime Minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, is at the top of the state of Denmark, he is liberal and fascist, liberal, with the aim to sell the state to the riches who finance him, and fascist, to supply rich people, his sponsors, with the cheap labor, discriminated immigrants are pushed in position to be exploited without any rights, rich people even don’t need to give them salary, they can be deported.
Lars also participates in American colonial politics, to create profit for Danish billionaires, including bombing of Iraq, Syria, etc. Such bombing also kill civilians and produce jihadists i.e. Muslims who want to make revenge. Their war produce terrorism. All in all, Lars with his liberal fascist politics surely damaged many people in Denmark and in the other countries. I suppose, his connections with the CIA started through Goldman Sachs, when this bank bought Danish Dong Energy, they got it for smaller money by corrupting all leaders of political parties in Denmark, not only one party. In that time Social Democrats ruled, but to secure this deal, Goldman Sachs had to be sure that nothing will change if some other political party becomes the Gov. When Rasmussen became the PM, terrorist cases started to pop up like mushrooms after raining, all over Denmark. The parliament also made the law about terrorism wider, even verbal support for FARC or PKK can bring you to the prison with charges that you are a terrorist. Danish parliament abolished freedom of speech and opinion. All of that is the result of American corruption in Danish politics.
The living address of Lars Løkke Rasmussen is in the tourist zone called Nyhavn (New harbor), in the center of the city: Heibergsgade 18, 3th floor, 1056 København K.
Here is one article where they showed his new and old home, the old home was in Græsted, 50km from Copenhagen: http://www.seoghoer.dk/nyheder/vi-har-det-pragtfuldt
His wife is Sólrun Løkke Rasmussen and one of his children is Bergur Løkke Rasmussen, he studies Business School, he is the spy that protects the Royal Family (intelligence officer of the reserve at The Royal Guard second battalion), he is also a member of the regional council of Venstre party (party of his father). His daughter is Lisa. On 2016, Lisa started to study at the Institute of Business and Technology at Aarhus BSS. In the nearby city Herning she learns about the management and operation of companies (logistics, accounting, finance and financial management to the organization management, product development, sales, project management and innovation). She will study 3 years, until 2019. Another son of Rasmussen, Simun was the pupil 2013-2016 in the Vibenshus Gymnasium, Jagtvej 163, Copenhagen.

The second most important person for the US private military industry is Claus Hjort Frederiksen. He was the Minister of Finance (at the last elections in 2015 he got just 8000 votes, there are 4 145 000 voters in Denmark), but since Nov. 28th 2016, he is the Minister of Defense, he is trusted by the Prime Minister, he doesn’t have the support in society. It means Claus got the position to secure the interest of rich people (Maersk) with the military, for example by participating in colonial wars. He secure his profit and the profit of the Prime Minister who made a deal with Lockheed Martin and other companies that produce arms, to order military equipment worth 50 billion DKK (7B Eur). Possibly while he was the Minister of Finance, he connected with American banks and the CIA that manage private military industry in the US, they will give him and to the PM a lot of million in secret bank accounts in Monaco and Swiss when they order so much arms. Therefore, Claus promised to his head of military intelligence some million if he participates, i.e. he creates insecurity and terrorism to misuse it to make a profit. Claus and Lars Johan Findsen misuse their media working for the secret service to produce the fear and insecurity in society, in this moment about Russia too. And you cane be sure they do it because of Lockheed Martin. Although Claus has many years 15 000 Eur per month salary, he is still living in the house of his father, and beside is his garage. His wife is Eva Christina Frederiksen. The house is located at Gl. Strandvej 40, 3050 Humlebæk. There are 2 small houses in the same backyard, both with the white doors. Shortly, Claus is not only sending soldiers to kill people all over the world together with the US soldiers, he is also manufacturing terrorism inside of Denmark, with the aim to produce the fear and insecurity and make money from that. His working address: Ministry of Defense – Holmens Kanal 42 – 1060 Copenhagen.

Lars Johan Findsen, since Dec 2015, the new head of Danish military secret service (FE-DDIS). The same as Claus Hjort Frederiksen, he is the main person for manufacturing terrorist cases in Denmark, for poisoning soldiers when he send them to the war, to make them brave and crazy, to kill everything that is moving alive, even sheep, goats and donkeys. He was also the head of civilian secret service, PET, 2002 – 2007, just after terrorist attacks in the US on 11 September 2001. He took care to misuse paranoia created by Americans to get more people employed in the PET and to get more money from the budget. He made business from terrorism. The number of employees more than doubled from 300 to 700, the service got a freer hand and added several hundred million kroner. His house is located beside the big park in Charlottenlund, excellent for the escape after the visit: Norasvej 24, 2920 Charlottenlund. His postbox is also on the street, perfect for big bagaboooom (Bruce Willis, 5th Element).

Since Jan. 1st 2016, the new head of Danish political police is Finn Borch Andersen, born 1962, there is an address in the phone book, maybe someone with the same name, maybe his address: Hedager 45, 2670 Greve. Since his mandate, the CIA started to use Danish secret service to produce insecurity and terrorist cases in Denmark, with the aim to sell arms to Denmark, to militarize the police and implement a totalitarian system. Deputies in the parliament sold themselves to the American banks for money, in the past, you had to hijack airplane to be a terrorist, today, you say your opinion and you are a terrorist even if you didn’t plan to attack anyone. On the other side, they protect racism, “freedom of speech against immigrants”. All of that is done with the support of Finn Borch Andersen and his media that helps him to convince society that the Gov is good and not bad, even when the Gov makes repression. The spies produce the consent of society for the politics of the Gov. Finn also misuses organized criminals like Hells Angels (they have 1000 members in Denmark) to use hand grenades against immigrants and to produce insecurity all over the country, with the aim to justify repression against the whole society (sending more cops on the streets, concerts, etc). Finn also misuse his criminals to destroy situation in the prisons (to make attacks), to privatize it, “the private companies should be seen as the saviors of the prison system”. G4S is the PET/CIA company and they are always ready to corrupt politicians and privatize prisons. Finn also misuse Hells Angels against immigrants, to produce conflict on the basis of woman, the PET agents hide themselves behind criminals, if you are an activist and attacked by criminals in Denmark, it is ordered by the PET agents and Finn. Finn is also poisoning food to immigrants and doing chemical castration, to prevent reproduction of people with different nationality, color of skin and religion. Considering he is damaging the health and life of people because of color of skin or nationality, he is a Nazi and not “only a racist”.

In the case they arrest you in Denmark, this is the pig they use to keep you long in the custody, even without a proof: Jens Røn.

Collaboration of Danish secret service and criminals + Methods of work of secret service

  • June 16, 2015 6:22 PM


Hells Angels, the same as Muslim criminals called Blaagaards Gang (Loyal to the Family) are collaborating with secret service. They follow immigrants and attack them or simply give information to secret service. There is no line between criminals and Danish PET, obviously PET Nazis misuse their job to get money from drugs and give protection to criminals about police (cops are also working for PET). I was attacked, as other people too, by Blaagaards Gang and I am followed several years by Hells Angels, there are no PET spies when HA are around, it means they do spying job for Danish secret service (PET is short name for Danish secret service). Considering activists, they should be aware that organized criminals are right hand of secret service, in every country, in Copenhagen mentioned gang attack People House in Stengade 50, it was place for organizing protest in December 2009 (climate summit), they attack and people who come there, etc. It is the same if activists are attacked in the prison, it is ordered by secret service and done by guards and criminals. You should not trust to the people working for criminals, if they have drug dealers in place you visit, be aware they can sell you (or to your friend) dirty drugs and you can die or get some disease. Secret service use criminals against political activists, and criminals can use their dealers in some squat or place visited by activists.

Here is longer topic about Methods of work of secret service.

First thing I must say that everything about secret service (intelligence, secret agency, Danish PET, however you call it) is secret and cooperators of secret service misuse it to say: conspiracy theory, science fiction, etc. Only Snowden that worked for NSA could say something and spies could not say he speaks science fiction. So, even if you find just a piece of this text useful, it is good. By the way, cooperators are people who cooperate with PET and they get privileges and money but don’t get salary as PET agents who are employed as spies. For example, I saw one idiot dressed like autonomen in Sept.2009, 4 months before protests, I saw him he visited stroberiet with 2 girls (above blaagards bibliotek) and possibly he visited other places for activists. He had about 7-8 cooperators who give him reports what they know about people, in places where come immigrants. One German later told me he is working in some immigrant organization and I was thinking: why racists help to refugees? but then I remembered, they “help” them to be able spy them (to collect information about them). Where are immigrants, there are PET spies. I am illegal immigrant from 2007 in DK and I never contacted any refugee organization (I don’t trust them) and I didn’t ask gov for political asylum or anything. In the meantime they abolished visa for people from my country. Now I see I made good decision. The only problem is that I had to use racist red cross, they are the same shit as refugee org, churches/priests and other PET cooperators.

Second thing, even if you think all this is shit, you can learn more about methods of work of secret service if you read website of glenn greenwald and if you read cointelpro documents (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlKP5fgY4C0 fbi war on black America). Some things don’t change: methods of their work, what FBI did before 50 years, they still do it today, and Danish secret service (PET) does the same. What they did against Martin Luther King, they do it today against anti-war activists, anarchists, and all other spectrum of activists, against Muslims too and in the last period they started war propaganda against Russians. You didn’t know that one of leader of Black Panthers had body guard who worked for FBI? Chief of security for Black Panthers too, but the point is that spies worked a lot to get trust of other people and all the time they worked for FBI, they can give to FBI and plan of your home, where you sleep, so, when police make raid, they know where to shoot (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/g-flint-taylor/the-fbi-cointelpro-progra_b_4375527.html). Don’t be surprised if your girlfriend/boyfriend is working for secret service. But the point is that you don’t become paranoid. It is just an example, here is another one, PET and all secret services use women to spy ambassadors in their countries, they use women to have sex affairs with embassy personals and to get information or to blackmail them to give information. Therefore, people who get a job in embassies must pass course about security because they are target of secret service and they can be involved in dirty games.
Glenn Greenwald website: https://firstlook.org/theintercept/
Cointelpro: http://www.krusch.com/books/kennedy/Cointelpro_Papers.pdf
So, if you just read first link, this forum post is useful.

Third thing, very important thing: anarchists should separate critics from propaganda, in that way, we don’t put finger on somebody who criticize us to say, “he is working for secret service”. Anarchists must stay open for critics, but they should recognize propaganda made by spies to destroy our groups and to isolate militants. If I criticize anarchists, it is OK, I can have my opinion, even if I think that somebody (or a group) is shit, it is my autonomy to have my opinion about that person or group. But if I behave like obsessed with some person/group, I speak against him/her/them all the time, million times everywhere, you should activate alarm in your head and be careful about me, maybe I work for secret service and I have a job to make bad picture about them. That’s what German secret service did in the time of Red Army Fraction, they activated their spies to speak against them, to isolate them, to destroy support of people for them. They do it today against Muslims, they make forum posts, website/news comments, YouTube channels, they make propaganda against Muslims in million places. All of that is done by spies, and as you can see, all spies are racists. Spies create consent of society for war for oil (imperialism), they produce hate for victims of war (Muslims in Iraq and other countries, Iranians, Russians or Venezuelans in the future), they make them monsters in the eyes of west Europeans, they produce fear about them (to get more informants among ordinary people who will even report Muslim for standing on the corner), and beside all of that, they infiltrate their groups in the west. Spies also corrupt Muslims, among others, they give privileges to Muslim criminals like Blaagaards Gang that got the job from PET to attack Folkethuset (stengade 50) because it was place for coordination of protest in Dec.2009. So, folkethuset has problems with criminals, but behind criminals is secret service (PET). PET makes revenge and they destroy place that served as meeting point of resistance. They attack people who come there and they will try to shut down that place, I didn’t follow how much they succeeded, but I read sometimes news about attacked people and I think house was closed one period. That’s work of secret service. Infiltration of criminals in Christiania is also work of secret service, to make them bad in eyes of society, and to attack them with police. The aim is to send cops to overtake Christiania (property in the center of the city) and to sell it to the rich people. So, behind criminals is secret service and behind PET are politicians who want money and business possibilities for riches (rich people finance political parties). Conspiracy theory without proof? There is no proof about PET, they don’t document illegal things they do, they don’t write: Today we met leaders of some gang and made deal with them to use their members to attack political activists who come to Stengade 50, and we will protect leaders of gang from police or we will take care that judge give them 50% smaller punishment that they would usually get. Don’t be surprised when you read news: criminals got sentence less than 2 years of prison for shooting people, while an anarchist get 7 years for trying to burn property (police academy). It is everything work of PET, in this example, influence of PET on judicial system (judges and prosecutors).

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